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online voting

review issues & vote online
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y'know i'm sick of the way politians campaign nowadays: phone calls, pamphlets, hard to remember web site urls, and oh yea tv comercials, cant leave those jewels out.

for example, i live in Nh, I'd like to see < http://nh.elections.us > as a place where i can see non-biased info about the candidates and how they feel on _each and every_ issue, detailed info. it would be a place to review candidates from congress, gov, and local elections level, and to vote on Voting Day. also, a list of debates and appearances, so one can consider the character of each candidate

less campaigning, more info plz thnx bai.

neuroticus, Nov 14 2002

concerns about online voting http://www.informat...?articleID=17500559
[theircompetitor, Oct 04 2004]

(US) Leage of Women Voters http://www.lwv.org/
Nonpartisan organisation that aims to educate voters, not just female ones. [jutta, Feb 10 2008]

(US) Pro/Con.org's 2008 election site http://www.2008elec...rg/summarychart.htm
Candidate's views on issues. [jutta, Feb 10 2008]

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       this is an annotation. that is all.
neuroticus, Nov 14 2002

       Nice idea,annotation.. however what happens when Mr big bad Hacker comes along and defaces the candidates attributes ?
skinflaps, Nov 14 2002

       i don't know Mr. big bad hacker personally, so i don't know what he would do.   

       as for other hackers, ask the 3455,23,234,5 other web site owners on how they deal with hackers, maybe they can answer your question.
neuroticus, Nov 14 2002

       I'm wondering how you get non-biased information about politicians.
angel, Nov 15 2002

       ask them? Info directly from the horse's mouth about where they stand on _all_ issues, without having to sort though a library of interviews and tv appearances.   

       also, I wanna see _stats_ on the candidates, like bills they voted for, and how much campaign money they have received and from where... kinda like a fantasy football with Hillary Clinton as the qb and George W as the defence.
neuroticus, Nov 15 2002

       What if a bully tells the Internet/Televoter to vote according to his wishes or else? Who'll monitor the situation?
Great Satan, Jun 07 2003

       Really, who monitors the situation as it is now? I think the last US presidential election was a fiasco.
I would very much like to see a complete platform and intended cabinet choices listed.
The presidency has become a PR position in my opinion. It is the cabinet and large donators you should worry about.
I feel that if you can hack it, you can also defend against it if you have the resources at your disposal.
UnaBubba for president in 2004?
Zimmy, Jun 07 2003

       I don't necessarily agree with the point of the article [link] but it seems fairly relevant
theircompetitor, Jan 22 2004

       There are a few organizations who make reasonable attempts at providing educational information about candidates and issues, e.g. the League of Women Voters in the US.   

       I sympathize with some of your frustrations, but it's naive to think that somehow "asking" a candidate directly will provide complete, accurate, concise information about where they stand on issues, while their collected publications and TV appearances will not. All you're really doing is adding one more to the list of publications.
jutta, Feb 10 2008

       //3455,23,234,5// Pnctn.: 3,455,232,345
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 10 2008


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