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Manly air freshener

Air fresheners with smells that men like.
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Most air fresheners have flowery scents. Women like them, we suppose.

How about air fresheners with scents that men like ?

"Steam Locomotive" - Coal, steam, hot oil and metal.

"Racetrack" - Fuel, hot tyres, hot oil and metal, tarmac.

"Aviation" - comes in 2 flavours: Classic - High octane petrol, dope, leather, castor oil Techno - Jet kerosene, hot metal, warm electronics

"Guy Fawkes" -Woodsmoke, fireworks, (over) baked potatoes, treacle toffee.

"Wargames" - nitro powder smoke, crushed vegetation, tea, biscuits, napalm (Oh, we love the smell if napalm in the morning).

8th of 7, Jun 13 2002

Ionic Breeze http://www.epinions...589D-3A449629-prod3
No filter to change? Yay! [reensure, Jun 13 2002]

WWF Air freshener http://www.sasserdi...esheners/index.html
Sadly, it doesn't say what it smells like, and probably doesn't actually smell like sweaty athlete. [pottedstu, Jun 13 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

The scent of german women http://www.smellmeand.com
[mylodon, Nov 03 2008]

Fancy Man Perfume http://www.basenotes.net/ID26120268.html
This smells like a garage that someone spritzed vanilla into. [mylodon, Nov 03 2008]

Can you spot the soldier? http://www.foxnews....08_iraq_soldier.jpg
A keen eye serves the insurgent as well, [UnaBubba] [MikeD, Nov 03 2008]

Manly Sewing Machine Manly_20Sewing_20Machine
[hippo, Nov 24 2010]

Hoppe's #9 Nitro Powder Solvent air freshener http://www.outdoorl...-no-9-air-freshener
Looks like they got the same idea. [lurch, Nov 24 2010]


jester, Jun 13 2002

po, Jun 13 2002

       Don't they smell the same?
mcscotland, Jun 13 2002

       It's that cheesy, fishy smell that turns me on.
FarmerJohn, Jun 13 2002

       If you can't stand 360•, join the war on aroma. (see link)
reensure, Jun 13 2002

       I'm not being funny, but my favourite smell in the world is the smell of bicycle shops - try it, you'll never look back.   

       How about 'Essence of Uhu' for glue-sniffers?
stupop, Jun 13 2002

       "Home Depot" (trademarked, I know, but think of the marketing tie-in). There's lumber, machine oil, vague hint of paint fumes, and the particular smell of the power tools section - wow!
quarterbaker, Jun 13 2002

       Quarterbaker: Ooooh, Home Depot .... yes ! When we're stateside we visit Home Depot and cry inconsolaby over all the 110V 60Hz power tools and the kit that's too darned big to go in our hand luggage.   

       Blissmiss: Duct tape ? Now that brings back a few happy memories ....   

       We thought of another couple - the smell of freshly unpacked PC kit (Quick, nurse, the screens !), and "New Car" although we know they already make that one for giving pre-owned vehicles that "new car" smell ......
8th of 7, Jun 13 2002

       Cofee! Liked by almost all?
kamathln, Nov 03 2008

       sawmill, Hammond organ, cigar, leather, books, winter... and other extinct or endangered species.
FlyingToaster, Nov 03 2008

       Toe jelly.
mylodon, Nov 03 2008

hippo, Nov 03 2008

       I'm told that he is pleasantly fragrant.
po, Nov 03 2008

Spacecoyote, Nov 03 2008

       [po] heh

Creosote - actually I know someone who has purposely made their shed smell of creosote.
hippo, Nov 03 2008

       I like "warm electronics" idea. All this low temperature surface-mount stuff they make these days doesn't smell nearly as good as the old seventies tellys with the hot circuit boards.
wagster, Nov 03 2008

       Do you mean the smell of solder flux or burning dust?
hippo, Nov 03 2008

       WD40 - it's already in an aerosol. Just find some way to remove the oil and solvent and keep the more volatile chemicals.
Srimech, Nov 03 2008

       I must say, the aroma of recently detonated military-grade high-explosives has always made me swoon. That and burnt black powder. [+]
MikeD, Nov 03 2008

       [hippo] - I think the smell was 70% burning dust, 20% solder flux, 10% sweat of underpaid Japanese worker and 100% "School is over for the day, I have a hot chocolate and Rainbow is on in five mins".
wagster, Nov 03 2008

       Magic purple smoke. [LIST ALERT!]
Spacecoyote, Nov 03 2008

       Week old sweat socks. Hey [UB] you could use it in the Socketorium and bring in the jocks.
theGem, Nov 03 2008

       A P-51 kicking over in the air race pit.   

       Estes rocket motors.   

       A hot Marshall stack.   

       Rain and diesel exhaust (the streets of London)   

       Rancid grease stink embedded in the furniture of most any house in East Palo Alto where I grew up, (except mine) and the mudflats down the street in summer. (You had to be there to get that one)   

       "Safe and Sane" brand fireworks.   

       For a guy, a good smell doesn't necessarily need to smell good.
doctorremulac3, Oct 10 2010

       [doc]=GENIUS: //...a good smell doesn't necessarily need to smell good...//   

       The exhaust from a nitromethane burning top fuel dragster or funnycar... I'll take a dozen, thank you. Here, have an eight year old bun: [+]
Grogster, Oct 10 2010

       //For a guy, a good smell doesn't necessarily need to smell good.//   

       We all know this to be true, but it also shouldn't be an intrinsically bad smell, either. No one would want a 'Puke-Scented Air Freshener' would they? It would make you puke.
Boomershine, Oct 10 2010

       "Choking on one's own vomit ? Whoever would have thought of choking on someone else's ?"
8th of 7, Oct 10 2010

       I've wondered this myself [8th].
Boomershine, Oct 10 2010

       //Whoever would have thought of choking on someone else's ?// Someone who has done CPR without a mask.
mouseposture, Oct 10 2010

       Oh, right...woo.
Boomershine, Oct 11 2010

       ...with a baking bagel undertone, of coarse.
blissmiss, Oct 11 2010

       I thought this would be about an air freshener that smelled like a popular tourist spot on the northeast of Sydney Harbour.
infidel, Oct 11 2010

       // popular tourist spot on the northeast of Sydney Harbour //   

       The spot the tourists go to to commit suicide when they've had enough of Australia (i.e. about 7 seconds exposure) ?
8th of 7, Nov 21 2010

       One of my favorites is "Surplus Store". A bit like new car, but with some old canvas and new-boot-sole mixed in.   

       FYI I actually bought some new car scent and it is outstanding!
DIYMatt, Nov 22 2010

       I'm a man of simple tastes...

Brewery yeast.
Hot, vinegary chips.
DrBob, Nov 22 2010

       EP90 gear oil. Not that it particularly appeals to me, but my wife loves it.....
Twizz, Nov 23 2010

       I see I have already commented on the glorious smell of recently detonated plastic explosives.   


       How glorious it is.....
MikeD, Nov 24 2010

       //Rain and diesel exhaust (the streets of London) //
There's a separate idea here: "the Scent of the City" - room smellies for the homesick.
calum, Nov 24 2010

       "Fire in the Hole!" "Fire in the Hole!" "Fire in the Hole!"   

       The snap and hiss of the fuze ignitor: A prelude.   

       In a split second, the full orchestra will play today's magnum opus.   

       A flash of light, a ground-shaking "WOMP" that rends the air with a hemispherical expansion of pure force, that jars the body and shakes the soul.   

       Now is my part to play:   

       The walk down-range is business.   

       Eyes scan the pummeled ground of the blast site for UXO.   

       The area is safe, and business gives way to pleasure as I kneel beside the crater.   

       I lay my hand reverently on the pulverized soil, feeling the residual warmth of the violent reaction that has taken place here.   

       I scoop up a handful of the powdered earth, bringing it up to my nose to inhale the dizzyingly sweet scent of destruction.   

       Nostrils flare.   

       Eyes roll back in reverie.   

       So concludes the song of the explosive.
MikeD, Nov 24 2010

       Just found the gun-cleaning solvent air freshener in the <link>. That's what I want for Christmas.
lurch, Nov 24 2010

       Sp.: "WHUMP".   

       Or maybe you just use a weaker blend over there.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 25 2010

       [+] napalm in the morning?
xandram, Dec 16 2010

       [MikeD] Well *somebody* around here ought to congratulate you on a nice piece of blank verse. Only other war poet I ever read was Sigfried Sassoon, who, of course, had a rather different sensibility.
mouseposture, Dec 17 2010

       Try Wilfred Owen, then.
8th of 7, Dec 17 2010

       I just LOVE the smell of diesel exhaust in the morning!
Jscotty, Dec 18 2010

       A river, first thing in the morning. Or last thing on a summer evening. (Dammit, why can't we use the word "twilight" any more?)   

       [MikeD], that was beautiful. But manly.
baconbrain, Dec 18 2010


       I went to replenish hair freshener the other day. It's not that I terribly mind smelling like a kiwi or a banana or fresh laundry, but the salesperson looked positively lost when I asked for "something more in the diesel or 'magic smoke' range".
FlyingToaster, Jan 26 2017

       Ah yes, another one of those "try to give it a bun, already did" moments.   

       This is no joke, I'd absolutely buy all of these. Even as a gag joke this is an awesome idea.
doctorremulac3, Jan 26 2017

       According to an unrepresentatively small female focus group*, some of the fragrances mentioned in the idea would be considered very acceptable as after-shave scents for men.   

       * The group was small**, not the female.   

       ** i.e. non-zero.   

       // "something more in the diesel or 'magic smoke' range". //   

       Two more solid product ideas there.
8th of 7, Jan 26 2017

       I like them all. Except diesel, that literally nauseates me.
Voice, Jan 26 2017

       [Voice] are you gay?
pocmloc, Jan 26 2017


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