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oven rack guard

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an attachable strip of high temp fabric covers the front edge of the oven rack. the fabric conducts little heat to your skin and you dont burn yourself when you bump into it, when reaching in the oven.
BSHUL, Jun 15 2004

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       Hmmm . . . the solution would be not to bump into hot things, yes?
neelandan, Jun 15 2004

       There are some ceramic materials which would be suitable. Tiles from the space shuttle can be heated to red-hot, but will not burn you when you touch them.   

       Now all you have to do is figure out how to weave ceramics.
suctionpad, Jun 15 2004

       Nice to see you back, [neelandan].   

       May I suggest oven gloves?
david_scothern, Jun 15 2004

       You could always mount a flap of material outside the door that would flop into the oven once the door was opened. However, you would have to move it out of the way to shut the door which may be as risky. Nomex, PBI or any of the other materials used to make fire fighting clothing should do the trick.
oneoffdave, Jun 15 2004

       I would go for this, if you can figure out the technology - I'm always burning myself on those things. We use Pyrex in the kitchen, so using shuttle tiles is not beyond the realms of possibility.
DrCurry, Jun 15 2004

       The ablative tiles on the space shuttle cool very rapidly indeed. I've seen video of them being heated to red hot and then just a few seconds after the heat source is removed--maybe 5 seconds after--being picked up with bare hands and without a burn. Now, I'm no thermodynamics expert but, the thing is, if they are in a hot environment they will be just as hot as that environment when touched. So, if they are in a 300°F oven the tiles will be roughly 300° and will burn you, no?
bristolz, Jun 30 2004

       hi yall, neelander: so far about 18,000 have been sold to people that do...bump into hot things   

       una bubba, yes its hot , but the fabric i use, nomex, can't transfer enough heat to your skin, to burn ya...you can even grab it and pull out the oven raCK.   

       suctionpad, but, ceramic fibers are carcinogenic, like char broiled steak and they don't taste as good.   

       david-scothern, you may suggest oven gloves like seat belts, not everyone uses them all the time. the cool touch oven rack guard is more like an oven air bag, always on guard against burns.   

       have a safe day, bshul
BSHUL, May 21 2005


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