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oxygen enrichment

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I have heard of people trying pure oxygen(gas) injection, with limited success. Some of the drawbacks are high exhaust gas temps, due to oxygen not having certain things that our air does, and these things dilute the power producing oxygen but at the same time absorb heat during combustion. Another is how it is dangerous to mess with, and if used wrong it can cause uncontrolled combustion, and possible engine damage. This may have been tried before, but why not add an appropriate amount of oxygen to boost power while still keeping enough percentage of normal air to keep the e.g.t.'s down? Or maybe run pure or close to pure oxygen with water injection, or nitrogen/ cabon dioxide to aid in cooling?
dpearce455, Apr 04 2003

Nitrous Oxide http://www.holley.c.../ProdLine/NOS2.html
[jurist, Oct 04 2004]

vvideos of a person modifying a geo metro to get better mpg http://youtube.com/watch?v=b2K4j037TyY
[beanangel, Mar 11 2008]


       //This may have been tried before//   

       It has been.   

       //add an appropriate amount of oxygen to boost power while still keeping enough percentage of normal air to keep the e.g.t.'s down?//   

       ???, environmental contaminants will rise.   

       //run pure or close to pure oxygen with water injection//   

       It’s self defeating.
Shz, Apr 05 2003

       [Shz] While you may in fact be an authority on these things, it would be nice if you included a link or two that backed up your assertions so that dpearce doesn't just have to take your word for it. Being unfamiliar with the subject, I wouldn't mind reading a bit more detail either. As an example, I thought it was well proven that nitrous oxide was not only a useful anesthetic, but a potent power booster when injected in an internal combustion engine. Isn't that close to what dpearce is suggesting?
jurist, Apr 05 2003

       "Air " has percentages of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and others. what I was kind of trying to get at is- If you made your own custom "air", and finely tuned these percentages to get the optimum amount of each, is there not some power gains to be had doing this? I am interested in experimenting on a lawnmower engine, so emissions are not of my concern for this.
dpearce455, Apr 07 2003

       what about using a small oxygen tank from an oxy/acetaline torch, with the valve partially open under full throttle, for a small amount of oxygen enrichment? this is a lawnmower engine I bought just to mess around with, mounted on a 3 wheel bicycle. I want to try and go full speed and let a little bit of oxygen in the intake stream to see if it would pick up any mph. (It has a speedo). hopefully it doesnt blow up
dpearce455, Apr 08 2003


       I read a web based article a couple of wks ago about making your own hydrogen and using it to power an engine, just cant find the link to the page, but i did copy it onto my comp. So if you want a copy just get back to me with an email address.
fastpaw, Jan 22 2004

       the person at [link] changed to a different type of tire humor value: (a sort of gas enrichment)   

       normal tires(56.9, 54.9)   

       puffy tires(60.9)   

       if pure O could be delivered to chemical engineering processes most things could be made more efficiently as there is less purification from things like reactive nitrogen oxides... more efficient, reduces co2   

       I may have had a clever idea about that; an O purifier..... maybe it was just a zeochemical
beanangel, Mar 11 2008


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