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peace and quiet clock

inspired by annotation in link.
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It's just a normal clock. Any clock will do.

But it is rigged so that it will give it's "tick" sound just once every hour. Nothing big like a gong, just a tiny little tick to let you know an hour has gone by.

After about three or four clicks you lose count, how long have I been sitting here contemplating life, the universe and everything? You ask yourself. But you soon relax as you are waiting for the next one.

HMMMMMMMM, AHHHHHHHH, Yes, nice and quiet.

zeno, Sep 07 2005

some piece and quiet Alphabakery
said link, scroll down for said anno [zeno, Sep 07 2005]

to be used here Silence_20group
To remind us when session is over [Susan, Sep 13 2005]

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       You obviously have far too much free time [zeno].   

       What's with the category?
hidden truths, Sep 08 2005


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