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plane controlled by skateboard

Random but cool
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Have a slow moving plane (prolly custom made) with a very flat top, and install some skateboard like board on the plane.

You stand on top of the plane and to accelerate, you pull the trigger on the single pole that you hold onto for safety. To control the direction the plane is facing, you lean side by side. To change altitude, you lean forward or backwards.

The plane has a computer to ensure that the plane remains at steady altitude, when the player is steady.

The pole has an additional button to modify the turning controls of the plane into a roll command. So by leaning on the plane, you can do a barrel roll. Or a loop.

This is very dangerous, but who says its not fun.

mofosyne, Nov 17 2010

Weight shift ultralight http://www.ultralig...agle_ultralight.htm
Hang under it or stand on top - your choice. [Twizz, Nov 17 2010]


       + for the general concept.
DrBob, Nov 17 2010

       Essentially an inverted weight-shift microlight then. See link.   

       I've flown a few different aircraft - never crashed. Every experience I've had with skateboards has been painful.   

       In the same vein as motorunicycle fencing [+]
Twizz, Nov 17 2010

       i guess that could work. Now how do you make it so that you can stand on top, and the microlight doesn't try to kill you by flipping upside down?
mofosyne, Nov 17 2010

       Dihedral wings.
8th of 7, Nov 17 2010

       You mean a sailboat?
normzone, Nov 17 2010

       //Another approach is to use a streamlined heavy weight below the centre of gravity. //   

       Might provide a bit of drag when landing.
Boomershine, Nov 17 2010

       (+) Reminds me of Green Goblin's ride.   

       "//Another approach is to use a streamlined heavy weight below the centre of gravity. //"   

       ah but when I think of it, you can add thrusters, like a propeller.
mofosyne, Nov 20 2010

       I've had this idea before but one version was a scaled up microkopter (miniature helicopter with multiple propellers, very stable) and the other involved rockets.
Spacecoyote, Nov 20 2010

       As noted in the post, the thing has a stability computer.   

       But, in order to maintain control during any maneuver, the operator could be on an untethered control-skateboard inside a transparent globe.
FlyingToaster, Nov 20 2010

       //stability computer// - oxymoronic phrase if there ever was one.   

       I think your body's reactions to the g's would make piloting this thing quite difficult.
RayfordSteele, Nov 22 2010


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