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Fake cockpit

Fake cockpits and catch terrorists with them
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This fully functioning flight simulator would be placed at the front of airplanes. The main door would only connect to the crew area. The door to the real cockpit would be elsewhere. Non-pilots in pilot uniforms would be stationed there. Anyone attempting to hijack the aircraft would find himself in the fake cockpit where he would be free to believe himself in control of the situation.
Voice, Jan 18 2019

Shameless elf promotion Hidden_20Cockpit
[21 Quest, Jan 22 2019]


       I have been in a commercial jet simulator, and although the graphics are good, they would not fool anyone looking out the window.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 18 2019

       Hmm...do the scenery mechanically? Cotton wool clouds on wires, driven by an array of variable speed endless belts.
not_morrison_rm, Jan 18 2019

       The fundamental problem is depth perception. Even with one eye closed, you can still notice the difference between looking at a picture of a cloudscape 6ft from your nose, and looking at a real cloudscape with things from 50 to 5000 yards away. With two eyes, your depth perception is more acute and it's very difficult to fool you. What if one of the terrorists is short-sighted, and suddenly realizes that the supposedly distant features are not blurry?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 18 2019

       Why even have a door into the cockpit on any plane? No door = no one being able to do anything to the crew or passengers that gets that door open as there is no door to get open in the first place. Once this is adopted on all planes there won't be any more hijackings as they simply become impossible to achieve.
xenzag, Jan 19 2019

       //Why even have a door into the cockpit on any plane? No door =//   

       <Has visions of hijackers with ice picks & climbing spikes (on the boots) crawling along the outside of a 747 toward the pilots door mid-flight/>   

       Or they can smuggle an angle grinder made of non-metallic materials onto the plane in their hand luggage to cut through the dividing wall with.   

       All the useful parts of the plane tend to be behind the cockpit, so there must be wiring they can compromise to take direct control of the engines & wing flaps etc if they have the schematics.   

       [xen] Your idea would seem to limit hijackings to the suicidally brave (climbing from the passenger door to the cockpit door mid-flight) or far far better technically educated hijackers though.   

       <Wonders why commercial airlines haven't adopted this?/>
Skewed, Jan 19 2019

       The final 10 foot to the cockpit is secretly a carpet laid conveyor belt, which can be spun up (away from the cockpit) to 60mph at the first signs of "rushing the cockpit" activities.   

       Option teflon coating on the walls/ceiling to the approach.
not_morrison_rm, Jan 19 2019


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