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po’s su doku mayhem

kyokudo japanese puzzle
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9 conjoined square tile puzzles in a frame; three rows of three.

each square contains 8 clear perspex tiles numbered 1 - 4 and 6 – 9 and there is a space where one tile is missing. each tile has it’s number painted on the front. number 5 is represented by the missing tile.

at the back of the frame, the player can clip and unclip fresh su doku puzzles that come in the form of a printed card. each card (depending on degree of difficulty) will show from 20 – 35 of the numbers in their correct position.

with the new card in place, flip the puzzle and commence play.

the rules of su doku are that you have to fit every digit from 1 – 9 in any order into every row (left to right), each column (top to bottom) and each box of nine squares).

with this puzzle frame, you do not need a pencil and rubber (eraser) but you simply shunt the little tiles around until all the tiles are in the correct place. there is only ever one correct solution to each puzzle.

po, Sep 07 2005

I would have thought magnetic tiles easier to move around http://www.magneticsudoku.com/
But I haven't played magic squares since I was a child, so who knows? [DrCurry, Sep 07 2005]

tile puzzle using 25 squares http://www.terrapin...images/tilepuzz.gif
[po, Sep 07 2005]

Here's his home page... He explains it in more detail there. http://member.nifty.ne.jp/
[Dub, Sep 07 2005]

jutta's link on that other idea. http://www.sudoku.com/
the book of puzzles that I purchased for £3.99 calls it su doku [po, Sep 10 2005]

c/o a mod http://www.dailymai...627&in_page_id=1770
you know, jon - as a mod, you could be more generous [The Kat, Sep 10 2005]

LEGO Mindstorms Sudoku Solver http://hackaday.com...orms-sudoku-solver/
Probably unrelated and O/T [Dub, Aug 24 2009]


       Su Doku...wasn't he a Sith?
DrCurry, Sep 07 2005

       Christopher Lee?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Sep 07 2005

       I think you are missing the point somewhat, DC.
po, Sep 07 2005

       [po] sounds like you've been playing Soduko!.
chocolateraindrops, Sep 07 2005

       I agree with the good Doctor's prognosis about magnetic tiles. Also, I could be being dense here, but why are all the 5's missing?
hidden truths, Sep 07 2005

       you need a missing tile in a tile puzzle to move the pieces around (will try to find a picture) and so I have identified the 5 (middle number) as that digit!
po, Sep 07 2005

       [po] - That is fiendish! I can complete most Su Doku's, but have never finished one of those moving tile thingys (short of breaking and reassembling them). I will never, ever finish one of these. It would bend my mind and ruin my sanity.
wagster, Sep 07 2005

       Oh I know of those weird puzzle things. I hadn't realised that this was what you were referring to. I share [wagster]'s success record with those dastardly things. This would seem an elegant thing to do with a completed puzzle but until then surely you would have trouble remembering which parts of the puzzle you had already completed.
hidden truths, Sep 07 2005

       [po] Well, I asked a old Japanses mate, and he reckoned "“¯Žž‚ÉŽóM‚µ‚Ü‚·B@ @‚»‚ê‚É‚æ‚èA’PˆêÚ‘±‚Æ @‚͈قȂé‘шæðŒ‚̉º @‚ŁA“]‘—‚ÌŒø—¦«‚âˆÀ @’萫‚È‚Ç‚ð’²"! But I guess you knew that, right? So, in other words, the blank would have to be either a 2 or 7 to work properly. (This loses it in translation. see link)
Dub, Sep 07 2005

       [dub] lied - he doesn't have any mates.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Sep 07 2005

       [po]sticks and stones... [AWOL]Yes I do... I have a packet dated 1993, if you must know.
Dub, Sep 07 2005

       Dub, why a 2 or 7?
po, Sep 08 2005

       I did Beach Su Doku this summer - just like normal Su Doku but you draw out the grid really big, on the sand.
hippo, Sep 09 2005

       [dub] //¯Žž‚ÉŽó// sp. "Žž‚ÉŽø"
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Sep 09 2005

       [po] I was trying to be witty. It seems, I was only half right.
Dub, Sep 10 2005

       Sorry, [thekat], I don't understand your comment on the link you've attached?
jonthegeologist, Sep 10 2005

       [po] I think you should have called it supoku :)
Dub, Sep 13 2005

       possibly. I actually like this idea - which is odd.   

       hey, the original...
po, Sep 14 2005


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