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Purple pee pool beater

Why are the fishbones turning purple?
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We all grew up with tales of urine in the pool turning into a puple cloud because of some chemical in the public pool water.
This urban myth is false, and it is a shame.

Once the PH of a pool of water has been stabalised introducing free litmus should do the trick.
It is non-toxic, (or at least I can't find any info on its toxicity).
It turns red in the presence of an acid, so uric should do and red dye in a blue pool will appear purple.
The only deterent I could find is that chlorine bleaches litmus paper but since the litmus will be floating free there is no paper to bleach.

There is prior art for this on the HB, [link] but no explanation as to how it might work.

ala [Dog] Urine-me-not
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jul 10 2010]

Not cloudy. http://www.google.c...3Den%26tbs%3Disch:1
Try saying Phenolphthalein 10 times fast. [mouseposture, Jul 11 2010]


       //since the litmus will be floating free there is no paper to bleach.//   

       The chlorine will bleach the litmus, paper is irrelevant.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 10 2010

       I was always told not to make tea using the water in which eggs were boiled, as doing so would give you stomach warts. I now bring this vital information to a global audience.
xenzag, Jul 10 2010

       [xenzag] Yes, that's what we teach the helots. Actually, drinking tea made with that water is how the true rulers get their powers of mind control. Just to prove my point, I'm going to cause everyone who reads this to believe I am only joking.
mouseposture, Jul 10 2010

       // paper is irrelevant //   


       Are you, you know, one of "us" ?   

8th of 7, Jul 10 2010

       Hahaha [marked-for-excretion]   

       [21] Cloudy? <link>
mouseposture, Jul 11 2010

       Some folks here might see #4) as a perk.   

       The idea has issues but the name gets a bun.
doctorremulac3, Jul 12 2010

       [21] ... 2) is absolutely wrong. You just need the right approach. During the first year this is rolled out hire extra security guards, and watch / record all bathers closely. Anyone who pees is immediately kicked out and blacklisted (purplelisted) for minimum of 1 year. If they were laughing during the deed that will get it bumped up to 5 years. The purplelist is shared among all facilities in the city. Sure you can't reduce the behavior, but soon after the novelty has worn off, it will kind of suck to pee in the pool.   

       3) wrong because 2) is wrong. 4) wrong because 3) is wrong.   

       And how can you be so sure of 1) ... just because you can't figure it out doesn't mean someone else can't have brilliant idea. Urine is a unique compound and thus can be identified as such .. all you need is the right test.
ixnaum, Jul 14 2010

       2 Fries, I'm guessing you saw the movie "Funny People" recently?
xaviergisz, Jul 14 2010

Purple pee scene?

       It just seemed a waste of a perfectly good urban myth. Some way to register electrolytes through phosphorescence maybe? Glowing purple would do.   

       Just make evryone drink a glass of fluorescent liquid prior to entering the pool, and put UV lights around the perimeter.
MechE, Jul 14 2010

       Well, then we're back to making it cool instead of shameful, but I like it.
daseva, Jul 14 2010


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