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poor man's sleep apnea detector

A noisemaker that fits over your mouth and nose, for recording
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Now they have cheap digital recorders which can record hours of time. If you wanted to do a cheap test that checks for apnea, you need only a recorder and a noisemaker that fits over your breath passageway.

This noisemaker would be a small piece of paper or plastic that makes a fluttering sound when its blown by your mouth or nose. That way there's a sound that the voice recorder could pick up.

lawpoop, Aug 07 2010

This Ought to Do It http://www.thenatio.../707089834/1001/rss
Hehehehehe, NOW We'll See Who Snores . [Grogster, Aug 07 2010]


       dunno... probably fall asleep listening to yourself sleep.
FlyingToaster, Aug 07 2010

       The following conversation has happened (frequently) at my humble abode (Chateau Debris):   

       You snored last night!   

       I snored? I don't snore. I would know if I snore, and I don't snore. Not once did I hear myself snore, but I certainly *did* hear YOU snore.   

       ME you heard snore?   

       [lawpoop], this recurring conversation could be settled once and for all with a small addition to your idea: a rather loud air horn ( or, [link] ) would go off at the first sign of snoring.   

       Bun [+].
Grogster, Aug 07 2010


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