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Popular Voting for all laws
  [vote for,

Forget bills, legislators, and senates. We have internet now!

Government sets up a web site that normal people can go to and vote for against, or to change or make new laws.

People can set up 'templates' and get others to vote for the same list of things.

Votes that get more than 5% of the constituency override all normal legislative action; lower percentages are still made known to the senators and representatives.

Bcrosby, Jul 19 2008

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Cuit_au_Four, Jul 19 2008

daseva, Jul 19 2008

       //normal people// ? what are they?
xenzag, Jul 19 2008

       "Government sets up a web site that normal people can go to and vote for against, or to change or make new laws."
You've invented democracy!
phoenix, Jul 19 2008

       //normal people\\ So I can't vote? I vote against that.
zeno, Jul 19 2008

       Voting for laws is called direct democracy, as opposed to indirect democracy, voting for people who decide on laws. Prior art: Switzerland.
placid_turmoil, Jul 19 2008


       I dread to think what a well organised group of people could do with this kind of system. [-]
hidden truths, Jul 19 2008


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