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portable pedestrian bridges

another fine idea from the 'dot point' brigade
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1. Have problem with too many cars in a particular road Maybe there is a massive festival going on.

2. You call this rental company to fix your problem, and pay some permits.

3. A truck portable bridge is placed on both sides of the road. Thus reducing pissed off pedestrians during major events.

4. Profit.

mofosyne, Aug 10 2010

Portable Pedestrian Bridges http://www.thestimu...yk_portbridges.html
Not mounted to a truck, but commonly used for special events. [Cedar Park, Aug 11 2010]


       not something you can fold up and put in your backpack then?
po, Aug 10 2010

       //4. Profit.//   

       So they are toll bridges?   

       [2 fries shy of a happy meal]: I think it's the rental company that profits financially, though you might be said to profit spiritually. You've reduced the total load of pissed-offedness generated by all those pedestrians: maybe you get good karma for that.
mouseposture, Aug 10 2010

       please half bake that po
Voice, Aug 15 2010


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