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postal print delivery

damn my printers
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all 3 of them.

The postal service might set up an automatic print service with established customers (CC on file to ensure payment) to deliver a copy with next days mail. They come by every day anyway.

Send email... attachment virus scanned... automatically printed, some small sorting in the morn and in the mailbox by noon.

I could easily fix this by buying a new printer and surely will but I'd like time to make a good choice and there are copies I want now.

nth, Jan 22 2007

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       I will bun this, however, its already baked.. or at least it has been baked and discontinued due to lack of participation. But there was a company that would read your regular mail and send it to you as an email and then when you wrote them back, the company would print out your letter and mail it.
Jscotty, Jan 22 2007

       It is as you've said [boysparks].   

       Might even have a nice little machine that folds it, addresses it and stanps it also. I'd pay the 39 cents for some things when I really need them.
nth, Jan 23 2007


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