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pig bladder

pipeline transport device
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A plastic bladder, with filling and emptying ports, is firmly attached at each end by a pipeline pig. When full, the inflated bladder doesn't touch the internal pipe surfaces. Folds in the bladder reduce pipe contact when bladder is partially filled. Pumping the pig bladder through 'the one pipeline' allows custard to be delivered in perfect condition no matter how many compressions.

Compression suppression strut is now available for fluids with more delicate components. Why have wine from a box when you can have wine in from the one pipe.

wjt, Oct 15 2015

stimulus The_20One_20Pipe
one of the many possible transport methods [wjt, Oct 15 2015]

?? pig?? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pigging
pipeline industry tool [wjt, Oct 15 2015]


       That is a skilled pig, to attach those ports so firmly.
absterge, Oct 21 2015


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