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Pizza & Small Things

that aren't worth shipping
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Amazon Prime is a great service for purchasing a variety of products. Except small cheap things - button batteries, headphone plug splitters, paper clips, etc. They tend to bump up to at least the $5 range to cover the real cost of shipping, which is often multiple times their value. The trick is finding a way to deliver these products relatively quickly that doesn't cost more in shipping than the product is worth. Alternatively, bundle the item with something that is worth the cost of shipping. Amazon has its "Add On Items" category for this, but then you're stuck waiting until you need a >$20 item before you can order. If only there was a relatively expensive item people needed ever day. Hey wait, food!

Pizza & Small Things is a pizza place that also has a large selection of commonly used small cheap things. Order a pizza, and delivery of small things is free.

Worldgineer, Jan 15 2016

Amazon shipping http://www.engadget...ight-shipping-game/
[theircompetitor, Jan 15 2016]

It works for Coca Cola - why not Pizzas ? http://www.wired.co...2013-03/28/colalife
Semi Baked (the idea, not the Pizza :-) ) [monojohnny, Jan 18 2016]

Dilbert http://dilbert.com/strip/2014-05-16
Eerily accurate... [8th of 7, Jan 19 2016]

Baker Island https://en.wikipedi...g/wiki/Baker_Island
Not half... [8th of 7, Jan 19 2016]


       Nice. [+]
8th of 7, Jan 15 2016

       I would use this [+]. And not just pizza places, but all these newfangled delivery companies popping up that deliver for all kinds of 3rd party restaurants. Their drivers keep an inventory in the trunk and their website offers this stuff for sale along side the restaurant food.
the porpoise, Jan 15 2016

       // The small things like staples and nuts and bolts won't end up being toppings right ? //   

       We suspect that will be very much dependent on the generosity of your tip to the delivery driver last time ...
8th of 7, Jan 15 2016


       Also, a franchise idea for those of us who live outside of pizza delivery areas: Pizza and Small Things by Boat/Float Plane.
Sgt Teacup, Jan 15 2016

       Wonder if I'd be able to get container shipping on Prime
theircompetitor, Jan 15 2016

       Taken to it's extreme, the Uber driver will show up and drop off a pizza and a cable at your neighbors before taking you to your destination.
normzone, Jan 15 2016

       // Taken to it's extreme //   

       That's not so extreme really.   

       Eventually it will be a driver-less car that drops off the pizza and picks you up. 99% of cars will be not be personally owned and you'll simply request transport of X object and Y people and pay a small fee (cheaper than owning and operating your own car). Depending on the priority selected, an appropriate vehicle will show up 30 seconds to half an hour later.
scad mientist, Jan 15 2016

       Oh yeah. (Hi World...Happy 2016 to you!)
blissmiss, Jan 16 2016

       When I first heard of the "Internet of THINGS", It was something like this I thought it must be. Sigh ! Hope they have a pizza the Doctors will let me eat, not one that tastes good.
popbottle, Jan 17 2016

       Hi [bliss].   

       [scad] We're most of the way there already. Uber delivers restaurant food, I've been using Car2Go for years (find it with an app, hop in and drive). The restaurant food I ordered on the Amazon app arrived in 15 minutes.   

       The only thing this future we're living in is missing is small things. And apparently shipping container / ferry delivery (when did all of the 'bakers move off to their own islands?!).
Worldgineer, Jan 18 2016

       You will desperately need a scale to weigh yourself and family/friends.
pashute, Jan 18 2016

       // when did all of the 'bakers move off to their own islands?! //   

       Not long before the techno-singularity that wiped out all purely organic life on your planet <link>, since when you consciousnesses are in fact just software simulations running on a massive distributed network (except for us, of course) in a highly realistic "Second Life"-type environment.   

       Actually, it's not really that realistic, but of course your code is written so that you don't notice...
8th of 7, Jan 19 2016

       No Baker Is An Island.
blissmiss, Jan 19 2016

       Yes, Baker is an island. <link>   

       (More of an atoll, actually).
8th of 7, Jan 19 2016


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