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harness power fromdownhill runs
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If we could only harness the power of our cars downhill motion ! Instead of braking the car it should be fitted somehow with a spring rather like a wind up clock, and then released when fully wound, power for nothing!
sagar, Mar 29 2001


       Baked. Way baked. Search the web under "regenerative braking."   

       Welcome to the site.
centauri, Mar 29 2001, last modified Apr 02 2001

       Temporal incursion successful. Annotation changed.
centauri, Mar 30 2001, last modified Apr 02 2001

       shoot. I was hoping more for something along the lines of god-like; power to change the weather, power to profoundly affect people's emotions, power to change destiny, that kinda thing... <sigh>...
absterge, Apr 02 2001


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