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Enter a Reason to Brake
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I am really tired of people who brake for no reason, or their reason suck's. For example, people who brake when an on coming car comes or people who rubber neck. My idea is to have some kind of terminal inside the car that makes people enter a reason before the brakes become enabled. If the reason is not good enough, thier brakes are not enabled. The car would be smart enough to sense a red light, pedestrain xing, or some ass in front of them random braking. Another version would be a voting system. If some jerk wants to randomly brake, then the other cars in back of him get to vote on it.
scooter64, Jun 24 2002


       So, while i'm about to hit an oap crossing the road, i get to be a two fingered typist ass i type in //granny crossing// and manage to hit granny, only to stop once i've crashed into three cars due to my hunt and peck method of typing.
[ sctld ], Jun 24 2002

       Umm, OK: suppose you're in a crowded parking lot and a child runs across suddenly. You try to brake and the system asks you: Why are you braking? And you panic because it wasn't supposed to do that. And you can't hammer it like you do with your computer when it messes up, and SMASH you hear a loud thump...   

       And another problem: what if the voting members themselves are a bunch of illiterate jackovs with bird-fisted road rage?
polartomato, Jun 24 2002

       is: "oooohhhhh SHIIIIIIITTTTT...." (CRASH!)   

       a good enough reason to merit use of brakes, or will it be vetoed since you're already at a complete stop?
Mr Burns, Jun 24 2002

       Rant + AOLspeak = Fishbone.
phoenix, Jun 24 2002

       rant + stupid thinking = fishy
po, Jun 24 2002

       Driver training. Simple as that. Pilots are required to undergo routine check flights with a qualified instructor/training captain to check their skills are still up to the mark. Cars in the UK are requred to undergo an annual test (MOT) to check their mechanical condition. How many lives and accidents would be saved every year if we checked out drivers, not cars ? How many accidenst are attribuatble purely to a mechanical failure as opposed to poor driver technique ? The idea addresses a valid problem, but the solution proposed is inappropropriate.
8th of 7, Jun 25 2002

       Superfluous apostrophe in "sucks".
stupop, Jun 25 2002

       Superfluous paragraph in idea.
angel, Jun 25 2002

       I'd favour a "Reason to drive" system where the driver has to justify why, for their journey to the shop which is 5 minutes walk away, it is necessary to go by car.
-alx, Jun 25 2002

       // I am really tired of people who brake for no reason, or their reason suck's. //   

       If you find this annoying, is it possible that you're either (a) too close, or (b) not paying enough attention?
JKew, Jun 26 2002

       This is probably the funniest idea that I have fishboned. Perhaps that isn't saying much. -
sartep, Oct 13 2004

       How about a "reason to post" instead? We could all vote on that...
david_scothern, Oct 13 2004

       An old favorite of mine :) (-)
phundug, Oct 13 2004

       This has got to be the worst idea I've ever seen on the bakery. It quite cheered up a lonely Thursday evening. Thank you!   

Taika, Oct 28 2004

       Better braking without reason than hitting the gas without reason. It is more annoying, but much safer (if you do not stop dead in the middle of the highway...) Fishbone.
Saruman, Dec 12 2004

       Ever thought about when traffic lights are blinking green? By the time you type your reason in the street you are driving on will be littered in debris from a monster 20+ car collision. Obviously giving you a fish that flung out of a destroyed car equipped with this 'catastrophe'!
croissantz, Dec 12 2004


       Lets see.....   

       Hmmmmmm. Big semi flips in front of you, but you cant type "Big crashed semi blocking passasge" fast enough, so you die.   

DesertFox, Dec 20 2004

       wow, this is the worst (unanimously voted) idea on the bakery.
neilp, Dec 20 2004

       Reason for Braking: Kind of - well - AAAAAAAAaaaa! This is the worst not-supposed-to-be-funny idea on the halfbakery. Not only did you not halfbake it, you didn't buy ingredients or utensils or even wake up that morning. And if you decided to randomly brake, couldn't you type in a made up legitimate reason? And if you couldn't spell? Or type? Or - oh God, this idea is just mightily insane. Reason for fishbone: see above. [-]
bookends, Jun 09 2005

       Not even the author has voted for his/her idea. Pathetic. This is the worst idea in the halfbakery with no positive votes.
dbmag9, Dec 18 2005

       This idea should be adapted to firearms.
phundug, Apr 23 2007

       Do you think maybe the person who posted this idea then abandoned the account, but then started a new one and has got really good?
nineteenthly, Sep 20 2009

       one of the best bad ideas on the site, I would be proud if it was mine!
WcW, Sep 20 2009

       Why has this not yet turned into a list? As in "I brake for bullshit"
afinehowdoyoudo, Sep 22 2009

       List? Ok.   

       I brake for no man.
Jinbish, Sep 22 2009


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