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precious leaves

manufacture sentimental value. sell for profit.
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manufacture sentimental value and (in a sizeable plant that has conveyor belts) fasten it to near-worthless objects which will as a result be worth more to people, and fetch a substantially higher price. the healthy profit margin would probably be comparable to the luxury goods market.

ways of obtaining SV, or infusing SV into virgin objects:
1. drip a tear onto it.
2. put it away for 50 years.
3. receive it from someone you love
4. make the object yourself, by hand if possible
5. just run it through the mail once in a handlettered envelope.
6. recycle pre-existing SV (strip the SV off of sentimentally valuable objects that have been traded in, hocked, or scavenged.)

all ways considered, #5 is most effective. the effects are admittedly limited, but not temporary. this infusion technique only works on flat things, but the process is quick, cheap, and low risk (as is the material).

gnormal, Feb 17 2001

Lincoln/Kennedy penny http://www.usps.gov.../1974deci/2-120.htm
That 'g', normal....grandmother? [reensure, Feb 17 2001]

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       zip, did you give me a thumbs down merely because you didnt understand? if so, why not change your vote to a positive one for the same reason?   

       (oops- unless of course that wasnt you... :))
gnormal, Feb 17 2001

       Baked. In large factories in many countries thousands of elderly women are forced to live in cramped cages with almost no embroidered cushions for comfort. These "battery grandmothers" are fed only weak tea and spend all their short lives placing objects on their cages' tiny mantelpieces and being forced to declare the objects to be simply the nicest object of its type they have ever seen. Any battery grandmother who shows the slightest sign of disapproval is given an electric shock or has their knitting confiscated.   

       This is the true price of your factory-made sentimental value. Help stamp out this abhorrent practice - don't buy pre-loved items and only accept gifts from free-range grandmothers.
sirrobin, Feb 17 2001

       Note: The battery-grandmother idea is missing conveyor belts.
badoingdoing, Feb 18 2001

       Whoa! (thanks for baking me without using that embarrassing word "baked" on my page.) i cannot believe an idea this weird is actually baked. but on 3/17, all the bartenders will irrefutably profit from exactly this type of product enhancement.
gnormal, Feb 22 2001

       I thought the national day of manufactured sentimentality was last week... (Feb 14)
djhotsauce, Feb 23 2001

       Isn't this just a crafty attempt to re-invent greetings cards?
DrBob, Feb 24 2001

       Ha, I took one with me on a trek across the Himalyas and met a Holy Man. I was so happy that I had one with me. We sat down and smoked three of them till we were both soaked in pineapple soup.
tj, Aug 22 2001

       You smoked three Irish Grandmothers?
thumbwax, Aug 22 2001

       "When you have found six pebbles like this, wash them with soap, dry them, and you can bring them into the meditation hall and sit down near the Buddha. Show the Buddha your six pebbles. This gives me a very pleasant feeling, holding the pebble in my hand. Look, this pebble looks like something outside of you. You picked it up in the open, but if you practice well, the pebble will become something very dear to you, and this pebble can enter deeply into your heart. And this pebble, which symbolizes Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, will be something very closely linked to you, and will always dwell in your heart with its energy of protection." -Thich Nhat Hanh
gnormal, Nov 07 2002


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