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pretend the royals are fictional

royalty seems to appear often in fairytales
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or more than made up, a fairytale that people make up to entertain /scare their children;but that most of us find out ,when we are older and wiser ,that they dont exist, and laugh at those who really beleive in them.
technobadger, Jan 01 2002

Baked http://www.pbs.org/...hronicle/index.html
The American Revolution [LeBain, Jan 03 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

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       Queen who?
phoenix, Jan 02 2002

       Sam Walton's dead. I think I'd pass up a chance to be him.   

       Ohh, I see. *A* Sam Walton. Nevermind.
beauxeault, Jan 02 2002

       alright Rods; how about animating the news whenever on the subject of royalty?
technobadger, Jan 02 2002

       Sorta baked, the Queen mum's had that many body parts replaced i'm pretty sure she's all robotic (or a hologram) wheeled out once a year, to boost public morale.
[ sctld ], Jan 02 2002

       thats funny but actually she has been wheeled out over 50 times this year. Why is a very good question
po, Jan 02 2002

       Since when does the Scandanavian airline bust people for outing royals?
snarfyguy, Jan 03 2002

       What I *really* wanted to say is that we Americans baked this idea 200 years ago.
phoenix, Jan 03 2002

snarfyguy, Jan 03 2002

       Royalty is, anyway.
neelandan, Jan 03 2002

       I think they should drop the queen and her cronies/shennanigans and resurrect the queen mum in animatronic form - she was the only one anyone really liked (not that i did) anyway. We can always pretend. When there's a point.   

       .oO( What am I talking about? )Oo.
NickTheGreat, Jul 03 2002

       truth is always stranger than fiction.
lostdog, Mar 06 2003

       Which, in its elf, is some indication of what Macclesfield must be like.
angel, Mar 07 2003

       manchester has gone pretty nice nowadays. apart from the rain, of course.
sambwiches, Mar 07 2003


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