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Royal Family Lottery

National lottery whereby winner gets member of royal family come round for tea
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Many people love to play the national lottery on a regular basis but not everyone wants to win millions of pounds/dollars. What is needed is a version of the lottery that doesn't pay out money on choosing the right numbers, but instead provides an opportunity for a private meeting with a member of the royal family. In this version of the lottery six numbers are picked from 1 - 42, as per usual. A minimum of three numbers are required in order to get a visit from a member of the royal family. The more numbers, the more prestigious the royal family member. In each case, the member of the royal family will visit your house and dine with you for up to 3 hours.

I propose the following royal family member depending on number of numbers you accurately select :

1 - Camilla Parker-Bowles

3 - Prince Phillip

4 - Prince Charles

5 - Prince William

5 + bonus ball - Queen

6 - Queen Mother

ccaamgw, Jul 14 2000

Further uses for the Royal Family http://www.halfbake...raining_20Institute
[Lemon, Jul 14 2000]


       Rad idea. Make it international and foster ties to foreign nations. Have the Sultan of Brunei or the Nepalese dignitary of your choice over for tacos!
naveline, Jul 15 2000

       Perhaps extend it to the opposite of lottery-winnings: jail terms. Instead of being sent to jail for 2 years, you could volunteer to have Bill Clinton stay for a sleep-over at your house. Instead of having your hand cut off for theivery in Saudi Arabia, you could have your mother-in-law move in.
eagle, Jul 21 2000

       Peter, what ones would you want to keep?
ccaamgw, Jul 22 2000

       (I should precede this by mentioning that I'm a Canadian.) I think it'd make vastly more sense to hold a national lottery, draw a few people's names, and say (for example), "You, Steve Elfdogder of Pantaloon, Alberta---are now famous! Everywhere you go in Canada, people will adore you, have their pictures taken with you, write you fan letters, etc.---and you don't have to do a thing but show up! Actually, you can even go into seclusion for extended periods, and people will be even more obssessed with you. Okay, have fun!" This plan would have the additional advantage of involving someone who was actually Canadian. Rather than continue embarrassing ourselves by chasing around a bunch of foreign royalty, I say, let's chase around some of our own completely unremarkable people. We have tons of 'em.
Ander, Jul 26 2000

       You can't just say someone is famous to make people interested. They have to attain that status in some way, be it because they can sing or are particularly good-looking (ok, so there are plenty of famous people who don't fit this category).
ccaamgw, Jul 26 2000

       Ander, since recently there are tv-programs on air with this aim.   

rrr, Jul 30 2000

       better yet, have a national lottery every few years where the winner's family actually *becomes* the royal family!
oh wait, i think this has already been done, sort of... never mind
washort, Aug 16 2000

       No 6 would probably be the preferred option these days. It would certainly keep the catering bill down.
DrBob, Jul 03 2002

       In my case, it would be the more numbers you get, the fewer royals you get round. I would pay good money to keep their royal highnesses away from me.   

       And what do you mean, '1-42 as usual' - it's 1-49. Honestly...
NickTheGreat, Jul 03 2002


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