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privacy insect screen

Decorative prints on one side of insect screen
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Often on buses you see adverts covering over the windows, but the adverts cannot be seen from inside the bus and the passengers can still see out.

This is simply a fine mesh with black on looking-out side and adverts on the looking-in side.

Insect screens are also a fine mesh. Why not print something on the outside to make it a combined insect screen and privacy screen, while keeping it black on the inside so you can still see out?

You could even have seasonal themes.

b153b, Sep 12 2023

Printed insect screen mesh https://www.google....+insect+screen+mesh
Scroll down for lots to choose from [a1, Sep 12 2023]


       I should be clear that I want to be able to see out, so the screen needs to be black on the inside rather than printed at the way through.
b153b, Sep 13 2023

       This is camouflage under another flag.
minoradjustments, Sep 15 2023

       I'm really surprised no country has ever put forward a camo-pattern design for their national flag. Maybe I should post this as an idea...
hippo, Sep 15 2023


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