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protected disc

giant mini disc?
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I propose that drives and disks be made where the disc can be protected in a case and need not be removed to be read. much like the minidisc format. also, it would be best if old CD/DVD disks could be easily placed into the new cases. no more scratched disc.
ironfroggy, Jan 04 2003


       in that case, they should be more common place. im sick of scratching up CDs and DVDs.
ironfroggy, Jan 04 2003

       // They could have made caddies part of the jewel case. //   

       ...which is the only way it would have worked. Without this, caddies were just a massive pain in the arse, as you either had to lay in a big stock of (expensive) caddies for your commonly-used discs, or faff around popping CDs into and out of caddies whenever you wanted to change disc.   

       Do CDs really get scratched in tray drives? I've never had any problems -- I thought damage usually occurred during handling, not playing.
JKew, Jan 05 2003

       im not tryign to protect them while in use, im trying to protect the ones laying around in piles. yes, i know, "so dont lay them around in piles" like its that easy.
ironfroggy, Jan 05 2003

       Apparently the XBox 360 optical drive lacks some sort of bushing that protects discs from scratching, and scratching in the drive is a common occurence.   

       I remember caddies, but I came into it during the "dear heaven, every box of old supplies I open has a bunch of caddies in it" era, when they were being phased out.
partdavid, Aug 01 2007

       This should be an idea on its own but an anno is all I have the path for. You could have thin plastic stickers that you put on your most prized DVDs, replacing them when they get scratched, like a Formula 1 driver's visor.   

       <brag>I think I just made up 'path' as the thing you lack when you have apathy</brag>
marklar, Aug 02 2007

       I'd bun this idea, but it's been baked in the form of PSP's UMDs. The PSP UMD's suck *SS, they break FAR too easily, it totally ruins the portability. I've stopped buying any games for the PSP reguardless of how good the actual game is, I just rent games now. I do still own some games, but I only have 4- 3 of them are broken DX
Dickcheney6, Nov 15 2008


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