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SD Card Content Album

Similar to idea by [gtoal]
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A thin album similar to a smallish photo album but with a simple display screen inside the front cover. The tiny pockets on the facing page are actually sockets, such that the display can read the index of each SD card so inserted.

Turning the display on reveals a grid of numbers corresponding to the pocket/socket layout, with green colored numbers for the sockets with cards in them. Tapping a green number would show the contents of the card in that pocket.

whatrock, Feb 24 2023

Based upon: Bigger_20storage_20...0micro_20SD_20cards
[whatrock, Feb 24 2023]


       Less expensive version just needs one reader socket - reads contents when the sd is added, doesn't need to read it on the fly when browsing as nothing can have changed. Doable with current off-the-shelf tech, e-paper display, esp32 and a card reader pcb.
gtoal, Feb 24 2023


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