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rad puffy bearings

did you know metal bearings change volume with radiation absorption ; inflate them to make them more rigid which causes machines to be more efficient
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Lets use radiation to puff the core of bearings so they are hyper rigid as well as tuned to vibratory superlativity.

I read that carbon nitride bearings are more rigid than metal thus they can carry a bigger load at a smaller area, this permits machines to be less bulky as well as faster with greater longevity.

The link is to a picture from a liquid metal reactor presentation It says that Ti plumps near 10 pt with radiation whiler ferrous materials plump .5 pt

I think the radiation plumping effect could be used with bearings to plump the core to create pressurized highly rigid bearings with even greater capability. Rotating each bearing at high speed produces an acoustic vibration profile; the radiation dose could be tuned to make the bearings have identical vibration profiles or to minimize vibration creating greater longevity as well as precision.

many applications from transverse petroleum recovery to nanomanufacturing to huge ultraprecise tft panels use bearings which could be made smaller as well as capable of higher loads with longer ntervals between replacement. A pleasant source of the radiation may be an array of sticky tape high energy photon effect mechanisms; these could treat bearings on site, some applications could even have a radiation treatment array built as part of the mechanism so that remote bearings could be tuned during mechanism use

beanangel, Apr 21 2010

radiation swells metals http://biology.wsc....n_swells_metals.jpg
[beanangel, Apr 21 2010]




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