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rainbow cars

Drive behind a car of adjacent hue.
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On long, boring drives, find the car with a hue juuust preceding that of your own car in the rainbow continuum (blue, green, yellow, orange, red) and stay behind it, as long as both of you are headed into the same direction. The longest non-circular sequence of hues wins.

As more people pick up the game, long rainbow snails form along the highway. Once the game has reached a critical mass, it need not be explained.

People with grey, black, or white cars can play their own greyscale version.

jutta, Aug 13 1999


       If we find a wide enough highway, someone is sure to try and make a moving picture of some sort that could only be viewed from an airplane/orbit/the Moon...
StarChaser, Oct 24 1999

       Tetris, anyone?
jutta, Oct 26 1999

       The only problem with this is the inexplicable dearth of yellow, orange, and (especially) green cars.
baf, Mar 03 2000

       I see an awfully large number of Yellow and Green VW "New Beetles" on the roads around here. The new Ford Focus comes in "Autumn Orange" and a darker green color.   

       Obviously, people who like this idea should buy new cars! =^>
Eeyore, Mar 03 2000

       As soon as this happens, I'm painting my car red in front and green in back to mess up the whole thing.
juke, Mar 04 2000

       This might've actually worked in the CB radio days, when you could comm with the car in front of you or behind you, if a CB antenna jutted out of it. Now, how's anyone going to pull other people into the "rainbow"? Or partake of whatever honour is inherent in "winning"?
monde, Mar 04 2000

       smoke another one, jutta...
flipside, May 03 2001

       Huh! My car is black - and I had grown accustomed to being the highest score in *car snooker. I don't want to play with the white and grey cars. YBS.   

       *Where police book speeding cars according to the rules of snooker. One red, one colour, etc. then the colours in order. This has been used to "explain" the disproportionate number of red cars done for speeding.
snagger, Sep 28 2001

       Makes me wish I had a rarer color than white.   

       Like purple, maybe...
RayfordSteele, Jan 01 2002

       I wouldn't mind a purple Probe!
TheMachine, Jul 05 2002

       Awesome idea. Only problem is if granny buys a bright red bmw...
Blumster, Nov 16 2004

       You needn't worry about the red cars, of course. Red will be provided as all the happy grinning people waving at each other don't notice that traffic has stopped ahead of them. :{
rossgk, Mar 10 2006


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