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really big slot cars

really big slot cars that people can drive around in
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i was sitting on my bed the other morning (as you do) and I saw a slot car set.This is not particularly unushual because its been there for years under a pile of stuff,but thats not the point.The point is that if everyone drove a slotcar there would be a great reduction in accidents as people would only be able to follow a fixed path.(yeah, you know its a good idea). If you do not know what a slot car is, I cannot help you.


andrew1, Apr 08 2005

trolley busses http://images.googl...&btnG=Search+Images
google image search: trolley bus [andrew1, May 10 2005]


       I would bet on an increase in accidents. One way to avoid hitting the person in front of you if you can't stop in time is to drive on to the shoulder.
Zimmy, Apr 13 2005

       yes i did mean trolley busses [see link] and no there wouldnt be more accidents as people would only be allowed to brake when they reach their chosen destination and in order to stop they would switch to a seperate service ramp like track and thank you [ds] these will be removed
andrew1, May 10 2005

       would we have to walk in slots?
goatfaceKilla, May 10 2005

       wolf creek pass?,imagine the laguna seca corkscrew
andrew1, May 12 2005


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