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shhh I have a call

when you have a call youll need a quite place in your car
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you`re driving and your phone rings but the music is too loud what you`re gonna to do pick up the remote and turn down the sound ? wrong! all of us know before the phone rings we hear some noise like parasites.

this is the sign for turning down the sound for this instrument and after the call ends this noise will go and the voice will automaticly go up about your advices:

I`m telling you it does not need new hardware or new phone for do this it will help you with your own phone with a little change not buying new PDA`s .....


Alisar, Jun 28 2007


       you have a "remote" for your car stereo?
hippo, Jun 29 2007

       I'm pretty sure there are hands-free kits that achieve this - when the phone is answered, the music volume is dropped dramatically or muted.
david_scothern, Jun 30 2007

       //all of us know before the phone rings we hear some noise like parasites.//   

       Very mysterious. What noise is like parasites? I'm afraid I don't really understand what you're trying to do here, even though it sounds nice. I'd like a "sound-shield" to pop up over my phone. Is that what you're driving at?
Iidhaegn, Mar 27 2008

       My car stereo mutes the output when a connected cell-phone receives a call. Is that what this idea is about? It's rather hard to tell.
angel, Mar 27 2008

       My aftermarket car stereo came with a remote. It never sees the light of day; it lives in the glovebox.
elhigh, Mar 27 2008

       Mine lives in the box that it came in. The stereo is connected to the car's remote-control buttons (on the steering wheel) which I only use accidentally. (When I bought the car, it already had fitted the exact same model of stereo that I had just removed from my previous car, so I have a spare magazine for the CD jukebox.)
angel, Mar 27 2008


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