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really fast food

chips ( thats french fries to you americans) sooooooomuch quicker
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A revolutionary way to make potato based snacks. Its like a tennis racquet with all the strings removed, and replaced with cheese wire. this contraption is then held in place by something with a deep fat frier behind it. You then take something that could fire potatoes and aim it at the tennis racquet. The potatoes go through the tennis raquet and fall into the deep fat frier, thus making people who have to chip potatoes redundant. ( I was really tired when I wrote this other wise it'd sound funny )
kaz, Aug 03 2001

Kaz Cartoons http://www.fantagra...artist/kaz/kaz.html
A page from the Fantagraphics website about Kaz the noted cartoonist [snarfyguy, Aug 03 2001]


       //You then take something that could fire potatoes and aim it at the tennis racquet.//   

       An issue of FHM featuring an article on firearms jokingly mentioned the use of pressurised potato-launching pipes in the same way as mentioned above.   

       There should also be the ablity to change the wire grid size so you could make things like wedges (which are much chunkier than your typical chip/french fry and also leave the peel on).
mrkillboy, Aug 04 2001

       Although not a tennis racket, this is baked. Old chain in the US named "Wuv's" had a thing you'd bung a potato into, pull the handle and the wedges would fall into the oil. I've seen similar ones for square cut fries...
StarChaser, Aug 04 2001

       What's sad about this is that many fast food chains in the US no longer make their fries this way. Nowadays they use instant potatoes (reconstituted potato flakes), squeeze them through a Play-Doh machine to make strings then cut the strings to length and fry 'em. Nasty, nasty, nasty.
phoenix, Aug 24 2001

       Its amusing that, in the UK at least, fast food is neither fast, nor food.
Pallex, Aug 24 2001

       Don't say that - if you eat the cardboard it makes the happy meal almost as filling as the coca-cola that comes with it...
RobertKidney, Aug 24 2001

       Are you Kaz, the noted cartoonist?
snarfyguy, Aug 24 2001

       You could have them fax the order over and then put it through a paper shredder. yummy
thumbwax, Aug 25 2001

       [Snarfyguy} No I'm not, who is he, could you provide a link to some of his stuff? Oh well I thought it was original.
kaz, Sep 04 2001

       kaz - see link above.
snarfyguy, Sep 04 2001

       Two words as for your launching system - Potato cannon. It exists. These are fun.
submitinkmonkey, Mar 18 2005

       reminds me of an idea I had... hmmmm (+1 anyway)
po, Mar 18 2005


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