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rechargable phone base set

hand sets are rechargeable, why not base sets?
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In my home I have two phones. A nice portable phone and a $5 plug in, just in case of a power failure.

But why not have a base set with rechargeable batteries, so that the portable phone will still work during a power failure?

talldave, Mar 02 2008

From Southwestern Bell http://www.fcsurplu...hopexd.asp?id=10490
[Canuck, Mar 02 2008]

From AT&T http://telephones.a...D=1694&parent=22589
Phone has capability built in, not an add-on. [Canuck, Mar 02 2008]

From Provantage http://www.provanta...system~22076397.htm
[Canuck, Mar 02 2008]


       If this doesn't already exist then I'd be amazed. And it's a bloody sensible idea.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 02 2008

       I had a phone system that did this. The base charged an extra handset battery, and used this battery in the event of power failure. So it did exist. It was found to be much too practical, I presume.
Amos Kito, Mar 02 2008

       What [Amos Kito] said, plus you can buy back-up battery systems for your base set.   

       [m-f-d] anyone? Baked? Widely known to exist (except by [talldave])?
Canuck, Mar 02 2008

       Your 9v must be dead. Check the back of the machine as there will likely be a slot for one. On mine the thing stays live and rings until that goes dead. Maybe this is not universally true?
WcW, Mar 03 2008


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