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Phoneless headset

Minimal Cell Phone
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As cell phones are getting smaller and smaller, this idea goes a bit extreme -- Conceal the entire phone inside of a device which looks much like a headset.

Since current phone technology isn't quite advanced enough to be as small as the phones in "Minority Report," the headset would have a thick over-the-head band (to contain batteries and electronics) and have a speaker in each ear, thus looking like a radio headset.

Dialing and picking up are done entirely through a voice recognition system. For that matter, everything could be done by having the phone "read" the menu options to the user, and respond to the user's voice for selection.

Note that although this is similar to LG's "Hi-Fi" concept phone, it doesn't fold down into something resembling a conventional phone -- it's a full time head set, and if it folds down at all, it's only to save space for storage.

goldbb, Mar 07 2012

bigger http://www.samsung..../specification.html
[DIYMatt, Mar 08 2012]

BIGGER http://www.samsung....ones/SGH-I717ZBAATT
Galaxy Note [MisterQED, Mar 08 2012]


       I think we have the technology, but nobody wants one. Smaller phones were a trend in the early 2000s but now the trend is bigger, bigger, BIGGER! (link)
DIYMatt, Mar 08 2012

       [DIY] How do you lead in with "bigger, bigger, BIGGER" and not link to the Galaxy Note. (link) 4.3" is normal now a days, now 5.3" is BIGGER.
MisterQED, Mar 08 2012


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