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remote controlled rat’s ass pruner

*warning* lock up your cats before use
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this gadget is for the gardener who has everything and is authentic in all details. (i.e. the rodent not the gardener)

a cute little face with quivering whiskers and sparkling eyes, its tail is a fast-acting strimmer /pruner. just set it off in those hard to access parts of your jungle, I mean garden and it will cut a swathe in seconds. easily controlled for left, right, forward and reverse modes; fast, slow – this rodent is totally manoeuvrable. It will climb shrubbery with its agile paws complete with steel nails and cleverly disguised wheels.

they come in : black with tails of 19-25 cm (the better climber) compared to the brown with tails of 16-21 cm (for smaller gardening jobs) – the brown one is the fancier of the two.

replacement tails are available at gardening stores everywhere.

great gift for the gardening halfbaker with everything – give him/her a rats ass today.

po, Dec 31 2003


       Can you get a Rat Pack?   

       And how do I prune my rat's ass?
DrCurry, Dec 31 2003

       This is a gift I will not give. I don't give a ........
normzone, Dec 31 2003

       i really couldnt give a rats ass po
Space-Pope, Dec 31 2003

       I imagine you got a neat ass, po - Space-Pope is smoking the wrong stuff.   

       Hey look at the fishies he has accumulated!   

       quote SP// dont really have any good ideas. That's probably why I'm here//
The Kat, Dec 31 2003

       Happy New Year!
po, Jan 01 2004

       Happy New Year to you too, lovey.
Klaatu, Jan 01 2004

       A new phrase enters halfbaked terminology: "I don't give a garden strimmer about this idea" Happy new year, everyone! (+)
Fishrat, Jan 01 2004

       [+] title.
FlyingToaster, Jun 04 2013


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