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Pogo stick lawn aerator

A totally inefficient way to do a chore you hated anyway...
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Now I have to enter a description? I figured the name of the invention would suffice... I suppose you could make the device double as a grass plug inserter - fill the handle with plugs like the tubular magazine on repeating rifles, cap it off, and pogo your way to a rejuvinated lawn!
Navy_Guns, Nov 10 2005


       A thought springs to mind: perhaps bounce this over to a category related to exercise. A non/poorly rebounding pogo stick is bound to be a lot of work.
half, Nov 10 2005

       disagree - this is great for the garden   



po, Nov 10 2005

       I agree - I could sit and watch po bouncing up and down all day long. [Yeow! Mind my toes!]
DrCurry, Nov 10 2005

       just waiting for me to fall over - I know. :)   

       not called po go for nothing.
po, Nov 10 2005

       I wasn't serious about changing the category. It was just an excuse to work some bunch of bounce related words in to an annotation.   

       But, it will be a *bunch* of work to keep it bouncing, unless it also uses cartridges like repeating rifles...
half, Nov 10 2005

       ...Or a primitive diesel cylinder, like they use in some pile driving machines.
Adze, Nov 10 2005

       "Time for bed!" said [wagster].
wagster, Nov 10 2005


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