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resurrecting chess

chess variant
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a friend and I recently concocted this perhaps maddening, amusing, chess variant i call "resurrecting chess". The came is played on a with a standard chess set. The game is begun with only kings on the board. set in their usual spots. every turn a player receives a token, tokens are used to buy peices of his colour (from the set only). when bought, a peice can be placed anywhere on the board (where there is not a peice) as the an entire action of ones turn. the exception is pawns which cannot be placed on the back two ranks. Currently, we play with the rule that you can buy as many pieces as you like in one turn. but this may change. there is no pawn promotion. play for mate

the pricing is as follows: pawn=1 knight=2 bishop=2 rook=3 Queen=5

duefangler, Sep 29 2002

Chess Variants page http://www.chessvariants.com
Page referenced in annotation [supercat, Sep 30 2002]


       Is this a re-posting?
bristolz, Sep 30 2002

       This came is to expensive to played. I would not on a with a standard chess set ever buyed any of the peices with the toknes. Much too maddnening.
Wes, Sep 30 2002

       Have you looked on www.chessvariants.com [link] to see if anyone already has something like this?
supercat, Sep 30 2002


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