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Quickest Chess Tourney

at this rate we can be at the pub in an hour
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Even a "quick" chess tournament can take many hours or even days; bunch of matches followed by a series of gradually less-populated semi-finals and then a final match.

Enter the "Quickest Chess Tourney": a number of boards ( > (#players/2)) are set up in such a way that a player makes one move, then moves to another game (at the opposite colour). Care is taken that no player plays the same game or is against the same opponent during consecutive moves. As games variously end (checkmate/stalemate) the losing players are hoisted off the field until just one player remains... the winner.

FlyingToaster, May 26 2008

Wikipedia: Helpmate http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helpmate
Everybody cooperates until the very last (impossible) move. [jutta, May 26 2008]


       Erm... so you're suggesting that for a particular board, the moves would be something like:   

       1. Player A plays: e4
Player B plays: ...c5
2. Player C plays: Nf3
Player D plays: ...d6

       Wouldn't this just encourage players to make bad moves so that whoever takes over from them once they've moved to a new board will be eliminated, hoping that the game will be over before it's their turn to play on that board again?
imaginality, May 26 2008

       The strategy is to play well until you see the opportunity for a helpmate, or something like that.
jutta, May 26 2008

       my son says that he was pretty good at quick chess.   

       I don't argue - he could beat me aged 7.
po, May 26 2008

       not the most well thought out post, but I'm currently entertaining partial negative points for players that were involved within x moves of a side being checkmated.
FlyingToaster, May 26 2008

       there is no skill involved in the competition as described.   

       Speed chess tournaments, in which each player has only 5min to make all of their moves, are widely baked. Time is kept by a "chess clock" which has a countdown timer for each player, only one of which is running at any time. After every move, a button is pressed to make the other player's time start running down.
sninctown, May 26 2008

       Another form of speed chess tournaments has a beeper that beeps regularly, alternating between (usually) five-second and one-second spaces between beeps. So, all the players playing white have five seconds to think, then have to make their move in the one-second interval between the two beeps, then the players playing black have five seconds before they have to make their next move, etc.
imaginality, May 26 2008


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