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reverse etch-a-sketch charger

shake to charge
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A tube within the chassis of a laptop constructed from coils of wire, and containing a powerful magnet. Shake the tube and the magnet slides back and forth, charging the laptop battery. You can buy these sold as "Faraday torches" -- see Google.

The user will need a little encouragement to shake the machine from time to time -- I suggest that the interface be modified so that to scroll, or perhaps to open new tabs/documents a little shake be required. As the battery flattens, more vigorous shaking would be enforced by the screen blanking from time to time, until the user has shaken it back to life.

aglet, May 30 2006


       I like this, however wouldn't it be a little easier to have a external shaker charger?
skinflaps, May 30 2006

       put the charger in a corded mouse and you can taste a sweet bun. The mouse will be moving anyway, and has much much less inertia. In fact, the mouse could incorporate an actual (tiny) generator attached to the trackball as well or instead of the farady charger.
wittyhoosier, May 30 2006

       Hope the Lap-top's Protection Association won't give you too much trouble. It's fine by me, it's your laptop.. I'm just saying, don't leave any marks, you know? 'ts for your own good
sweet, May 30 2006

       Power consumption of a laptop: about 10-15W.
Sustainable output of the human body (on a cycling machine): 100-150W.

       If you're intending doing some kind of occasional activity to power your laptop I think you should be sitting on an exercise bike ready to do so.
st3f, May 30 2006


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