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robotic medusa

or moving dreadlock type things
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a lot of articulated motorised plastic and metal attatchments to the head,have them in different colours, and attatched by strong glue or suction pads . then switch on the motors and they writhe
technobadger, Jan 25 2001

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       Between this and "Squid Hands" I take it you're not quite happy with your current configuration.
iuvare, Jan 25 2001

       I second that Yay.
Jim, Jan 26 2001

       You could turn them off when you wanted, ne? Cuz that would make it cool. I wouldn't want my robotic hair trying to take over my body or taking a special liking to any of my friends (know what I mean?). I want some. As long as it comes in blue...
ichinichi, Jun 12 2001

       neato! I want a medusa mohawk.
jaksplat, Dec 18 2004

       With electric discharges between tendrils when they get close enough.
Belfry, Dec 18 2004

       Oh jeez, this is too much! In a half-baked moment ... I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be a groovy party toy to have a bust of a medusa, complete with animated, robotic snakes ... snakes that dance to the music! Heh. Robotic medusa has my vote ... and give it a "dance" mode!
wod_observer, Jul 03 2009


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