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Remove those commuting woes via the wonder of the rotating city
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Build cities on huge discs with the outside being higher than the centre. Locate everybody's houses on the edge of the city and link them to the business node at the centre via a series of straight teflon paved streets.

In the mornings people could slide downhill to work on these slippery slopes.

At some predesignated "end of working day" time, everybody could line themselves up by the appropriate street, the city could start spinning and centrifugal force would ensure everyone moved to the edge of the city back to their homes.

Zero effort commute in both directions - and as an added bonus, the boss can't get you to work overtime either as you will be forced back home...

tel, Aug 19 2003


       Fun image. Can I have the Dramamine concession?   

       Any proposal as to how I'd be assured to be near my house when I was finally ejected from the City of Motion Sickness and got back to terra stationaria?   

       Maybe the city could be sunken in the morning and raised in the afternoon to eliminate the spinning bit?
half, Aug 19 2003

       Perhaps a wave of commuter start-times in the morning, to prevent huge downtown crashes? Don't be late.   

       And [half], don't worry, all the houses on a given street can be nearly identical, with the added bonus of daily household membership randomization. Panmixia at last?...
n-pearson, Aug 19 2003

       A power outage would mean everybody would have to walk home, like last week.
FarmerJohn, Aug 19 2003

       but how would you walk uphill on a teflon street?   

       How would you build the buildings (and office furniture, and everything else that's not normally nailed down) to withstand lateral loads?
Freefall, Aug 19 2003

       You could integrate segway technology into the building foundations to ensure that they can withstand horizontal forces by leaning into them - yet remain perfectly balanced at all times...
tel, Aug 19 2003


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