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rough terrain mouse

to climb up onto the keyboard
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for when using the mouse ,but also the keyboard on that side ,in quick succession [lots of work with a mouse and the near side of the keyboard,without taking your hand off the mouse], a mouse with big chunky rolling things/wheels and perhaps holes through the buttons with which to press keys,or levers/pegs underneath]
technobadger, Jan 25 2002

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       Make it top-heavy, consume a needlessly enormous amount of electricity and change the name to ATM and I bet it'd sell.
phoenix, Jan 26 2002

       Rather than push my mouse through the mounds of crap on my desk, I've learned to use the Logitech TrackMan Marble+.
Guncrazy, Jan 26 2002

       Or try the Microsoft Wireless Intellimouse. It has no ball so seems to work equally well on any surface. The only problem is its wireless and I keep loosing it in the aformentioned mounds of crap.
mcscotland, Jan 26 2002


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