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same shit different day

same shit different day
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the resturant is dark,..not fumble through the madness but say cozy,..morrissey, the cure and the smiths are played religiously,.. the waitresses will have to have a likeness and project the adiditute of Darlene from Rosanne and the waitors-steven wright,.dry,..monotone,..bitterly sarcastic,.. everyone will have an almost vengence for everything goth,.as it has ruined the darker side of life but pigeonholeing it into this,..trendsetting" way of life" the food,..a random mass of diverse delights such as,.. instead of new potatoes,..yesterdays potatoes,.. cereal anytime day or night,... pointless fruit medley with watermelon and other various pointless fruits,..macaroni and cheese,..where you can get sides like deviled eggs,.. tang to drink,..or perhaps a jack torrance,..a jack and coke,..named cleverly for the title character in the shining,.. the menus are old old yellowy pieces of paper laminated,.. and for dessert -icey pops,.. a slack haven of goodness,...
caycee, Oct 20 2000



       Every city I've lived in has a variation of some tacky, pretentious, cheap-ass greasy spoon like this.
BigThor, Oct 27 2000

       I liked your description, but I would never eat there.
Vance, Feb 08 2001

       Sounds like Ed Debevick's only with lousy food.
RayfordSteele, Jan 25 2002


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