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sanford and son language punctuator

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so this is an app for your phone or a device generic for your home. It monitors your speech and whenever you or anyone use the language "sanford and son" or "just like sanford & son" in a conversation it automatically plays a segment of the television show music loudly for everyone to hear.
vfrackis, Apr 17 2012

cockney walkabout http://www.youtube....watch?v=goU_HLz-HyA
[calum, Apr 18 2012]


       I think this device would have activated maybe thrice, (that's right thrice, I'm bringing it back), in my entire life. Now if it were set to go off after any Sanford and Son quote it would go off all the time.   

       "Stalla! I'm comin Stella!"   

       In fact, if you made an app that played all the theme songs and sound effects to pop-culture quotes and phrazes as it recognised them you'd have a real seller on your hands.   

       ...don't forget my .5% royalty though, mkay?   

       Presumably there's a UK version that senses when the phone owner is doing a cockney walkabout and plays the Steptoe & Son theme.
calum, Apr 17 2012

       I like the narrowness of this. In the larger sense, what environment would not benefit from an AI that knew many different bits of theme music, jingles, riffs from top40 songs and Christmas Carols, then played them tastefully, appropriately and continuously.
bungston, Apr 18 2012

       // what environment would not benefit from // etc.   

Alterother, Apr 18 2012

       True: it'd be a Health & Safety violation. It's essential the miners be able to hear when the canary stops chirping.
mouseposture, Apr 18 2012

       <place sound of crickets here as tumbleweed rolls past>   


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