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satellite billboards

Billboards facing satellites
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Since I've thought of it, seems quite the "duh" idea, but why don't fast-food companies put their logos on their roofs? Makes them a lot easier to spot when viewing sites such as maps.google.com in satellite view.

Of course, it doesn't stop there, you can extend it to all restaurants, or even to simple old-fashioned billboards. Even stuff like putting a sport's team's logo and website on the roof of a dome.

kurdt, Mar 22 2007

Panoramio http://www.panoramio.com/
Map your photos. [baconbrain, Mar 23 2007]

Advertising with Google Maps (2005) http://adverlab.blo...th-google-maps.html
E.g., Target. [jutta, Mar 23 2007]

Optimize your roof ads for google maps (2006) http://www.naturals...ds-for-google-maps/
[jutta, Mar 23 2007]

Wired article on RoofShout.com (2006) http://www.wired.co....html?tw=wn_index_5
Going by their site, RoofShout doesn't appear to exist anymore as an agency - if it ever did. [jutta, Mar 23 2007]

http://www.roofads.com/ The other agency mentioned in the wired article. Apparently, StarTrek was on the afternoon they made their home page. [jutta, Mar 23 2007]

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       Much easier just to make a digital image overlay for google earth and other satellite mapping services.
nuclear hobo, Mar 22 2007

       ..which every Google Earth user would turn off.   

       I have seen some shops (on G.E.) which have this already. Presumably, the cost of doing it doesn't (yet) make it worthwhile given the number of people who use such images.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 22 2007

       It used to be common to do this when airplanes flew lower. Seems to me that Google-Earthing and fast-food consuming aren't the best market match, or maybe just not enough people, as [MB] says.   

       But, present-day low-airplane areas are likely to be the hi-rez areas of GE, namely, the cities. Which is where the fast-food places are. So go right ahead and do a logo next time you do your roof. But it won't get to GE for a year or so.   

       Or just do what [nh] says, and send a digital image to Google Earth. There's already ways to associate photographs with a location. Try GEing with Geographic Web/Panoramio layer turned on, and you can select people's vacation snaps.   

       Although I hope it never gets to be popular to advertise on Google Earth, there is a layer for Dining that just gave me the info for a supper club that would never have shown up as an image.
baconbrain, Mar 23 2007

       Dude, that idea is *so* early 2006.
jutta, Mar 23 2007


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