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Promotional pivoting paper pixel panoply

Pointless? Perhaps.
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You have no doubt seen billboards made from triangular slats which rotate to make different pictures on a single surface, this idea would be similar to those, but I think more aesthetically pleasing and with four separate views.
Each "pixel" of the display would consist of a laminated rotating paper torus, (torus is probably not the right word, see link for animation).

By controlling the direction of spin of each pixel, the display could be programmed with any number of advertisements or even short animations.

Moving paper sculpture. http://sci-toys.com...ics/paper_ring.html
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Sep 18 2005]

Wooden Mirror http://www.smoothwa...m/danny/mirror.html
Moving schulpture with wooden "pixels" [discontinuuity, Sep 20 2005]


       Perfect. Probably.
sleeka, Sep 18 2005

JesusHChrist, Sep 18 2005

       positively pleasing
po, Sep 18 2005

       Aesthetically pleasing, but I'd hate to have to try and make one work.
DrCurry, Sep 18 2005

       I'm with DrC.
Dub, Sep 19 2005

normzone, Sep 19 2005

       Eye-catching. I could see one of these pixels in a large rendering, flashing out the "." in 2FRIES"."com against a static background, or in some other focal role.
reensure, Sep 19 2005

       We have enough animated advertisements here on the 'net without bringing them to our roadways. And how would you make ads with four-color hexagons?   

       But artistically? Golden. And bonus points for the alliteration.
Almafeta, Sep 19 2005

       And added affluence allocated, affecting an alliterated annotation.   

       Or something like that.
sleeka, Sep 19 2005

       give me a p, 2fries. that's a brit joke.
po, Sep 19 2005

       What does it mean? Or, how would you translate that in to American?
sleeka, Sep 19 2005

       Which of the several hundred American languages are you wanting it translated into?
ConsulFlaminicus, Sep 20 2005

       Sorry. North American.
sleeka, Sep 20 2005

       I think it would still be, "Give me a P!" As far as I can tell, it means the same thing in North America as it does the other side of the Pond.
DrCurry, Sep 20 2005

       That moving paper sculpture in the link is hypnotic. For that it HAS to be bunned
chocolateraindrops, Sep 20 2005



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