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scuffless candy has aerogel coating, princess rupert geometry, better packaging

aerogels that evaporate keep the surface of candy pristine, the princess rupert effect makes them stronger as well
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One of the opportunities at innocentives is 20k USD to a person that comes up with a way to keep candy from bouncing against candy affecting the surface appearance.

About my third idea was Prince Ruperts candy, the prince rupert effect is where as a result of overlaying stresses a blob is basically nondestructible unless you apply force to just one particular area. So, is there a way to do this to candy, to prestress the coating so it is nondestructible. Could a mathematician model a container that was prestressed so as to be nondestructable, then fill it with gooey candy. sort of like W &Ws

Now some people here will say, if it works that well, what about the people that try to eat it. My hope is that dissolving or warmth would modify the prince rupert effect.

It could also be possible to coat candy with micro princess ruperts structures so the candy might appear microglittery or even velvety yet the superstrong surface would reduce scuffing.

It is possible that making candy bubbles at an ultrasonic chamber could produce a rupertesque effect at the W&W like candy surface prior to putting the goop at the center

One idea that I think many people must have thought of is covering the candy with a material that goes directly from crystal to gas, then just printing a (do not use prior to) date on the package to be sure the coating turns to gas prior to being eaten. One chemical as well as physical variant of that that may actually function is to make a rice krispy, aerogel, or microlattice of a natural product, now many people are aware that camphor evaporates, yet I think vanillin crystals also evaporate, thus something that was .995 air .005 vanillin, or a slightly modified chemical similar, yet scentless, might actually be a harmless surface coating that actually evaporated, with a pleasant flavor or no flavor as a residue. So, coat them with edible aerogel that evaporates or, create tiny little aerogel fluffy blobs that interstitially surround the candy then evaporate.

microlattice is currently .999 air, or five times less massive than aerogel (link)

Other ideas were that they could jostle confections at a variety of frequencies to see which frequencies made it through the packaging, notably transport packaging causing the variation. Then create a vibration absorbing bulk packaging that absorbed that. It seems possible that acoustic node active vibration removal as is being tried at cars could certainly be applied to transport trailers as a thing of benefit to more than just W&Ws

Innocentives is a site where they financially reward people that solve technological opportunities sponsors present. I do not have the kind of mind that can participate, also all my ideas are public domain, thus the .5b gets the casual innocentive solution

beanangel, Feb 29 2012

innocentive prizes given to functional ideas http://www.innocentive.com/
among many other things, 372 people making an effort to create scuffless candy currently on the front page. With 372 people working on this I think all three of these ideas must have been suggested [beanangel, Feb 29 2012]

nanomesh, which I call microlattice is lighter tha aerogel http://www.dailytec...am/article23318.htm
[beanangel, Feb 29 2012]

Princess Ruperts effect http://www.en.wikip...rince_Rupert's_Drop
[beanangel, Feb 29 2012, last modified Mar 01 2012]

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       [+] because Prince Rupert drops are cool. But are they as robust against grinding as against hammering? I have a notion that making a tiny scratch in the surface of a drop (e.g. by rubbing it against something of equal hardness) is one of the ways to make it go "poof."   

       Why not work on candies that resemble classical Prince Rupert drops, not for scuff-prevention, but as a gimmick: biting down on one would be an interesting experience.
mouseposture, Feb 29 2012

       [beanangel], I'm so relieved; after your last post, I was afraid you'd gone sane.
Alterother, Feb 29 2012

       The third link doesn't.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 29 2012

       so I am wondering what the other 371 ideas about how to accomplish this are, if each person has their own idea.   

       like im sure there are CVD diamond candies suggested, maglev centers, long dispensers where you shake the candy out of an aperture yet the shaking process produces the coating, microfiber sprays on the surrounding packaging, vacuum linked corduroy velvets that keep each candy suctioned to a soft area until the container is opened, coatings that melt then re harden smooth at 100 degrees combined with each candy being containerized, negative contact angle sugar crystals, shape memory coatings,
beanangel, Mar 01 2012

       Why do you say that;
//I do not have the kind of mind that can participate// beanangel?

       Sounds like you have several ideas.   

       / jostle confections at a variety of frequencies to see which frequencies made it through the packaging, notably transport packaging causing the variation./   

       I like that one. Iteration, trial and error, clear solution.   

       Bean I pitch crap at innocentive all the time. You should too, because why not? It is less educational because of the lack of community but still sometimes fun.   

       I have also been very curious about what all the other schemes are. I suspect the nonwinning schemes are kept secret because business model for Innocentive means the sponsor gets all the halfbaked alsoran ideas to think about and the competition does not.   

       I am more than a little spoiled by the halfbakery.
bungston, Mar 01 2012

       You people are very kind, actually innocentives just has this word that starts with p that I carefully avoid   

       anyway, perhaps people here will have fun with candy, innocentives or both
beanangel, Mar 02 2012

       Looked at the i site; apart from a plethora of stuff I couldn't understand, could only find two that interested me, but the one: "reduce friction" isn't clear as to whether it's loaded or unloaded contact (my idea will work quite well on one but on the other be an almost total waste of time), and the two 'magically find database inconsistencies', the blurb author seems to think "anomaly" and "error" are synonymic.
FlyingToaster, Mar 02 2012

       I think it would be an interesting experiment to have bean submit a graduate thesis paper just to see what the profs would write back.   

       The strain-hardening of the Prince Rupert effect is precisely why drinking glasses typically have a bead around their rim.
RayfordSteele, Mar 05 2012


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