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Post-Chip Kit

How about a little plastic package in your chips thats NOT filled with something retarded.
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I was eating a bag of chips the other day (or crisps as some fellow .5bakers might call them) when I encountered a chip that didn't taste like a chip at all! In fact it tasted like PLASTIC! Impossible, you say? I'm afraid not.

I admit I've encountered this phenomenon several times in the past ... but I'd forgotten about it. I thought, for a fleeting moment, that the concept of the little plastic sack of whatnot within a bag of chips had been dropped. But, alas, I was wrong.

If the 'chip-people' insisted on these dumb, greasy bags at least they could do something useful with them. Do we really need the round, plastic pokemon medallion or equally useless bauble? I don't. So I thought long and hard about this little dillema, and 3 long minutes later this is what I came up with: A little piece of reflective plastic that would act like a mirror, to spot the fluorescent orange ring around your mouth or that single chip flake stuck to your front teeth. But, so what? Just knowing you have a goofy orange powder ring around your mouth doesn't help. You can't wipe it on your freshly laundered shirt ... and most certainly not on your arm! How about a little moist towlette to get rid of that orange gunk on your face and fingers? Sounds like a plan to me.

DaGreengo, Oct 16 2003

Adult flavours http://www.kettleda...se.co.uk/story.html
Gorgeous crisps [squeak, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Half rant, half advocacy and half let's all. (-)
Cedar Park, Oct 17 2003

       Now I'm no mathamagician ... but arent there TWO halves in a whole? :s Btw what do you mean advocacy? I've seen that around the half-bakery ... advocacy for what?   

       Okay I read over the terms in the 'FAQ' ... and I don't believe this is advocacy. I mean ... I've never heard anyone complain about these little bags before. This may very well be lets all, though not necessarily ... because technically one company coud impliment this idea ... or one person ... that could be the trademark of the brand of chips ... 'NO MESS, JUST GOOD CHIPS' or something like that. And yes ... this was half rant. Ahhh, satisfied.
DaGreengo, Oct 17 2003

       Sorry, wrong half. It's half consumer advice, as from the HB Help Page:   

       Thus spake [jutta]: "These ideas usually have the form "An X that doesn't do Y", or "An X that also does Y", where X is some well-known and widely varied consumer good, and Y a rather obvious problem with it."   

       I don't disagree with the idea of including a moist towlette in the bag of chips, and a small mylar 'mirror' might be a good thing too, but these annoying plastic novelties are put there to entice the younger kids to buy them. Maybe if someone were to create 'adult' flavours, whatever they might be, then more mature bonuses might be in order.
Cedar Park, Oct 17 2003

       I'd settle for an extra crisp.   

       (Fantasies of Kettle Chips in sea salt and balsamic vinegar, salsa and mesquite, yoghurt and green onions, rosemary and garlic .MMMmmmmm. Can't get good crisps for anything over here. They're all paprika flavoured.)
squeak, Oct 17 2003

       how big are these things? just wondering if the first time someone chokes to death on them will stop the practice altogether.
po, Oct 17 2003

       The wet one idea is good, but I am confused by the other "plastic items" in your snack food. I have never encountered such a thing outside of my cereal.
k_sra, Oct 17 2003

       Maybe it's the anti-dessicant thingy. I hate when I eat those.
snarfyguy, Oct 17 2003

       Maybe its just Brazil ... but there is often some plastic covered item hidden within. Usually a little piece of paper with some sort of picture on it or a sticker, rub on tatoo, etc.
DaGreengo, Oct 17 2003

       Those Brazilians have all the luck.
k_sra, Oct 17 2003


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