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self balancing gyroscopic monocycle

old monocycle with gyroscopic balancing
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old monocycles are terrible. single large wheels that containa seat and power system and drive system within the large wheel

they gerbil, allowing the rider to spin around and upside down.

numerous gyroscopically guided single balancing wheels are being made now for projects.

why not bring back the old monocycle but this time with gyroscopic self stabilizing to prevent gerbling.

teslaberry, Apr 28 2014

monowheel monocycle http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monowheel
[teslaberry, Apr 28 2014]

history of failure http://motherboard....ost-useless-vehicle
[teslaberry, Apr 28 2014]

self balancing small stand over wheel http://inventist.com/soloindex.php
segway with one wheel----there are numerous companies making these. they are pretty crap as its dangerous to go fast while standing in a dynamic position like this. [teslaberry, Apr 28 2014]

variation on a theme http://rideonewheel.com/
[teslaberry, Apr 28 2014]


       When your chosen mode of transport has a possibly fatal flaw named after a rodent, you should probably consider catching a ride with someone else.
the porpoise, Apr 28 2014

       I suspect a gyroscope is the wrong answer to the gerbil problem. Let's imagine the big wheel is next to a modest rock, that you want the wheel to go over. The Center Of Mass of the overall monocycle needs to move forward, and the central rider- holding area is the part of the monocycle that does that. If the wheel can't immediately go over the rock, then the rider MUST climb the inside of the wheel for the Center Of Mass to move forward --which is the essence of the gerbil problem.   

       A better solution may be to have some sort of lever arm attached to the central rider-holding area. There would be a significant mass at the end of this lever. When you encounter the rock, you want to move the lever forward AND the central rider area forward ---net effect, significant mass moves forward without the rider being as completely involved as before. This lever arm needs to be under close computer control, much like the proposed gyroscope (or the equivalent controls that keep a Segway upright).
Vernon, Apr 28 2014

       I read this as "self balancing gyroscopic monocle" and I thought that sounded like a fine idea.   

       [2 fries] - so did I!
hippo, Apr 30 2014

Voice, Apr 30 2014

       Bring it fourth, I say.
pocmloc, Apr 30 2014

       Here I thought gerbling was something entirely different.
tatterdemalion, Apr 30 2014


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