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Subsidized GPS/Accelerometer Box for Motorcycles

Solve the organ shortage with a little financial incentive
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Motorcycles are dangerous, for mixed reasons. They're also fast, fun and surprisingly expensive. Life in general takes a lot longer than it used to, is a bit dreary and surprisingly expensive. One especially dreary and expensive way to live is to do so with a dysfunctional organ. Modern medicine is happy to swap out your kaput kidney, listless lungs or useless uterus, unfortunately they're subject to a supply- demand mismatch. People are very attached to their organs. Consequently, people in need of transplant often suffer long and staggeringly expensive periods consuming supportive care until, occasionally, a suitable organ is found.

The rarity of suitable donors is the main problem, people with juicy, fresh and working organs tend to continue living, wearing those same organs out. It is here that motorcyclists represent the exception. By running out of talent halfway around that cheeky off-camber tightening radius corner found about 1/3rd of the way between Macclesfield and Buxton, motorcyclists often meet their demise, becoming excellent candidates for organ donation.* Obviously that's sad, but they knew the risks and all that. What is really sad, it that often there is a gap between the time of the accident and the time that emergency services are alerted. This reduces the window of opportunity to save a life, and in some cases, save any potential organs.

Now, here's where the government steps in. A potential motorcycle buyer is offered to have a crash detecting GPS/accelerometer box fitted to their new ride. The box simply detects any large crash-like accelerations, synthesizes that with engine-running/speed info and can then relay information via the mobile telephone network or possibly satellite beacon regarding a potentially dangerous motorcycle accident. Should they agree to the box, a few blood tests will be requested and information on likely tissue compatibility assigned to the box i.d.

Then, the rider gets a discount. A whacking great one. A genuine incentive, call it $7k. enough to make a basic motorcycle nearly free. Selling the motorcycle results in a pay-us-back kind of fee which tapers down with time. Unless the buyer is also box registered.

The discount then gets modulated every now and again based on organ supply-demand. The organ crisis is significantly ameliorated by increasing the supply, and reducing waste in that supply. Ethically we're OK because the crash survival rate will improve due to cut response times. The government saves a stack on healthcare by potentially cutting years off the average length of supportive care. Relatively young people have a super cheap transport option that is space, traffic and fuel efficient.

* Also, the occasional young stylish person dying is responsible for disrupting the utter dirge normally found in the clothing sections of charity shops.

bs0u0155, May 10 2017

Bealach na Bà https://en.wikipedi.../Bealach_na_B%C3%A0
The name is Scottish Gaelic for Pass of the Cattle. [8th of 7, May 10 2017]

Can we have your liver? https://youtu.be/Sp-pU8TFsg0
Required viewing. [Ling, May 10 2017]

Anti Mask Law Louisianna http://www.nola.com...ts_exempt_mask.html
[bs0u0155, May 11 2017]

Another road for organ donation http://tailofthedra...gonDeath_2016-2.pdf
[farble, May 11 2017]


       To quote a customer terms and conditions document I read last week, this would be "operationally unfeasible and inefficient".   

       You'd get crews scrambling to a surprising number of alerts where your rider was okay and the bike was trashed.
normzone, May 10 2017

       //information on likely tissue compatibility assigned to the box i.d.// I foresee problems if people lend their bikes out. "Well, Mrs. Thurdstrop, the good news is that we've just recovered the fresh body of a near-perfect tissue match; the bad news is that we can't seem to find his uterus."   

       Other than that, [+].
MaxwellBuchanan, May 10 2017

       // People are very attached to their organs. //   

       Apart from those who manifest very rare and specialized forms of Body Dysmorphic Disorder ...   

       // halfway around that cheeky off-camber tightening radius corner found about 1/3rd of the way between Macclesfield and Buxton //   

       We commend to your attention Bealach-na-Bà, in Applecross ... a road to die for (and on). <link>   

8th of 7, May 10 2017

       //crews scrambling to a surprising number of alerts where your rider was okay and the bike was trashed.//   

       The data can be quite easily be tightened up with a little logic. For a rider to be OK, and the bike in bad shape, the rider is likely to have bailed out before the impact. That's quite easy to determine. With no rider: The throttle will spring closed. No brakes/clutch will be applied. So exclude those. The simplest way to leave the bike is in a lowside scenario, so the bike will be over on one side for a significant period while the rider exits behind. Other options include the killswitch tether, which is ubiquitous on jetbikes, or a couple of simple pressure sensors.
bs0u0155, May 10 2017

       A more practical option might be to build a large transplant centre about 1/3rd of the way between Macclesfield and Buxton.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 10 2017

       [bs0u0155], I'm afraid I'm going to have to file an appeal for records regarding your motorcycle riding and crashing experiences.   

       When you fill out the form, be sure to observe the boxes regarding whether you have a current license, and the total miles accumulated, and number of times you have been on the deck.
normzone, May 10 2017

       //number of times you have been on the deck.//   

       It's not the number of times, it's the severity. It's hard to imagine a more damaging accident than my 3 mph wet leaves slide-topple, it was in front of attractive women for heaven's sake. The ego has not been the same since.
bs0u0155, May 11 2017

       A proper market-based approach would be a system which responded to shortages of transplant organs by temporarily raising the speed limit for motorcycles in the vicinity of the local specialist organ transplant hospital.
hippo, May 11 2017

       That's brilliant, you should post that.
8th of 7, May 11 2017

       Oh alright then
hippo, May 11 2017

       In my state in the US helmets are not required. Also, on your driver's license application you can declare yourself an organ donor. You get a nice little valentine heart on your license. In the spirit of this idea, it should be the law, simple to enforce, that if you don't wear a helmet you must be an organ donor.
farble, May 11 2017

       //In my state in the US helmets are not required.//   

       In some states... <link>   

       I wonder if the exemption will stop as soon as you're not on a motorcycle? It would be extra annoying to become a law- breaker as you're cartwheeling through the air on a different trajectory to the once shiny motorcycle.
bs0u0155, May 11 2017

       // on your driver's license application you can declare yourself an organ donor. //   

       ... presumably by ticking the "motorcycle" box.
8th of 7, May 11 2017

       If you fail to make a donation on this road <link> you can stop and get the t-shirt.
farble, May 11 2017

       // Ethically we're OK // No, we are not [+]
piluso, May 12 2017


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