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semi transparent microwave pot

creates microwaves with the locked in syndrome
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you know those silver sunglasses or silver glass panes like they have in interrogation rooms ? They're a mirror from 1 side and a window from the other side !

Now.. microwaves are just as light waves, electromagnetic waves, they just have a different wave length

So here's the idea, we make a pot which acts as a mirror for microwaves on the inside and of course transparent for microwaves from the outside

So the waves come in and are rather locked inside

Yeah I like it !

but i don't think it would change much compared to a normal microwave pot :-)

mr Dries, Oct 01 2010

//They're a mirror from 1 side and a window from the other side !// http://science.hows...com/question421.htm
No they aren't [mouseposture, Oct 01 2010]

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