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Golf and sharpshooting biathalon
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Shoot-n-putt is a modification of miniature golf that combines putting and shooting accuracy. The game requires that a golfer have both a club, for hitting the ball, and a Nerf dart gun (or similar) for the marksmanship phase.

Players may agree upon any rules, so long as they reward both marksmanship and golfing abilities. One possible ruleset follows:

On even numbered holes, the golfshooter plays conventionally, attempting to put the golf ball into the hole using the club.

On odd numbered holes, the golfshooter attempts to shoot the dart into the hole. The shooter is allowed five shots, and is scored based on the number of darts that land in the hole. Shots may be fired from anywhere on the tee, scoring as follows: 5 shots in = 0, 4 shots in = 1, ... 0 shots in = 5.

The winner of the game is the golfshooter with the lowest score.

The game may also be played on a conventional course, with reasonable modification to the rules -- substituting the shooting element for putting, or using high-powered rifles to actually hit the flag, or using mortars to create ad-hoc sandtraps for one's competitors.

yppiz, Feb 16 2006

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       How about if you shoot a dart and then that's where the flag is placed; and then you try to putt the ball into it? Your golf score is then "number of strokes it takes to sink the ball" less "number of meters away the dart landed."   

       So it rewards degree of difficulty, but of course you don't want the dart to land behind an obstacle!
phundug, Feb 16 2006

       There could also be shoot-n-putt assassin, where if your ball lands near another player's, you may either choose to play on or duel from that distance. The five shot rule applies to both players, with scoring based on the number of hits each scores.
yppiz, Feb 17 2006

       Or you could snipe your opponents ball as it's heading for the hole.   

       How about whacking the ball downrange, then shooting at it with three weapons? Give it a good drive, quick-draw a pistol, fire a few shots while it's still close, and/or pick up a shotgun and blast away while it's in the air, then get the sniper rifle out after it lands. If it lands out of sight, the shooter can only carry one weapon while running out to kill it.
baconbrain, Feb 20 2006

       You could do a version like disc golf, where each player has a range of guns. Long-range "drivers" and short-range "putters," with other guns for special situations (getting over or around obstacles).   

       The longest range from a modified air-pumped Nerf gun is around 100' (parabolic trajectory), with 40' flat trajectory with fair accuracy achievable with some gun and dart combinations.
yppiz, Feb 21 2006


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