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Bring two great pastimes together!
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Being an aficionado of the game of golf and the art of woodworking, I was struck one night with the zen similarities of the two activities. Both require a large amount of concentration and precision to achieve their goals.

I propose a new hobby known as Golfworking. This skill entails the use of various shaping, cutting and finishing tools mounted to the end of a golf club like semi-flexible shaft.

The Wood to be shaped is placed upon the floor of the large open work are and the tools are swung at varying speeds and angles to achieve the desired shape and finish on the workpiece.(IE Large wide"Driving" strokes for cutting and rough shaping and small precise "putting" strokes for sanding and fine detail work.

The tools are stored in a special tool bag that can be carried over the shoulder or on a small cart allowing for great portability. This is also a boon to people just entering the hobby as work can be performed outdoors for those unable to afford an indoor workspace.

Special Workpiece holders called Tees(though they bear only a superficial resemblance to their golfing namesake) are used to position the workpiece to allow for the correct cut or shaping maneuver.

jhomrighaus, Aug 03 2007


       what you describe I believe would fit in tool: cutting.
dentworth, Aug 03 2007

       except that it encompasses cutting, planing, sanding, painting and chiseling, as well as exercise.   

       The idea is less about the tools than it is about the activity.
jhomrighaus, Aug 03 2007


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