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sideways mohawk (for who're thinning at the top)

take advantage of thinning hair and make it a fashion statement.
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when I see (middle aged) people trying to disguise their baldin' head, kinda make me laugh. toupees, spray ons(?), and that "sweeping side-hair across the balding spot" do, are just too funny. like, who are they trying to fool beside themselves? so instead of that sweep, have it stick out away from the head, making into a sideways mohawk. (Krusty the Clown?) that would be so much cooler than those stripes over the shinny spot. be proud of your baldness!!
procrastinator, Mar 22 2001

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       ...this isn't really a halfbaked idea, so much as a haircut suggestion...
iuvare, Mar 22 2001

       PeterSealy, for your info, I have a shaved do too.
procrastinator, Mar 22 2001

       I saw a double - side mohawked only yesterday at Sunset and Vine in Hollywood. @ 10 inches of Violet/Blue/Red hair on each side of a female punks head. She looked baked.
thumbwax, Mar 22 2001

       This one's for centauri: Ron, who works for me, has been saving the hair from all the shedding horses this spring to make toupees for the bald race horse trainers that we have that work out of my barn. Now, I would never have posted this as an idea on the halfbakery, but it is an idea, and works well in an annotation here which should make everyone happy who enjoys these midwest, redneck tidbits about my life......
Susen, Mar 23 2001

       As Piebalds are black and white and Skewbalds are brown and white....a toupee from a Piebald would be a lovely simulation of a man's "salt and pepper" hair. However, as most of the horses here are Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds, and the fact that we currently have no Paints in residence, the toupees come in brunette, red, and black (from bays, chestnuts, and blacks). May I take your order please?
Susen, Mar 23 2001

       Baked. Just watch Babylon 5 (the Centauri have that ridiculous hair do).
homunculus, Apr 06 2001

       Middle-aged person with hair "statement" = very, very bad. If one is over 30 and one's hair style enters the room before oneself, stay away. Stay far away.
dontthink, Apr 06 2001

       See: Trihawk.   

       One center-line mohawk with two accompanying, shorter 'hawks angled off at the sides. Possible horizontal.
Letsbuildafort, Oct 09 2004

       Widely known in the punk circle as "Liberty Spikes". Derives from the Statue of Liberty. Not a bad idea, but baked.
5th Earth, Oct 10 2004


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